A Complete Guide To Small Business Owners Workers’ Comp Insurance

If you’re a small business owner, you know that there are many things to keep track of. One important thing to remember is that you need workers’ comp insurance.

Workers’ comp can help protect you and your business if someone gets injured while working for you. Workers’ compensation pays for lost wages, medical expenses, and legal protection when employees get hurt.

This article will detail common injuries that are covered under workers’ insurance.

Slips, Trips, And Falls

One of the ways that workers’ compensation insurance protects employees is by providing coverage for injuries sustained in slips, trips, and falls. These accidents are some of the most common workplace injuries and can often lead to empowering medical bills and long-term disability.

Workers’ compensation insurance can help to cover these costs, as well as any lost wages that result from the accident. In addition, workers’ compensation insurance can also help to pay for rehabilitation and other services that may be needed to help the employee recover. As a result, workers’ compensation insurance is an essential part of protecting employees from financial hardship in the event of a workplace accident.


Falling Object/Walking Into Something

Falling objects and walking into something are just two of the ways that workers’ comp insurance protects employees. In the case of falling objects, if an employee is injured by something that falls from a height, workers’ comp will cover their medical expenses and lost wages. If an employee walks into something and is injured, workers’ comp will also cover their medical expenses.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

That’s right – workers’ insurance will cover you if you get into a car accident while you’re on the job. So if you’ve been in an accident and you’re unsure if workers’ insurance will cover you, don’t worry – it probably will. Of course, every situation is different, so it’s always best to check with your employer or workers’ insurance provider to be sure. But in general, workers’ insurance protects you if you get hurt in a motor vehicle accident while on the clock – no matter how the injury happened.


Repetitive Motion Injuries

Repetitive motion injuries are a type of injury that can occur when you perform the same motion over and over again. These injuries can happen at work, during sports, or even at home while doing chores. Some common repetitive motion injuries include carpal tunnel syndrome, tendinitis, and bursitis. Workers’ compensation insurance typically covers these and other work-related injuries. If you think you have a repetitive motion injury, you must see a doctor to get the necessary treatment.

Cuts And Lacerations

Most people think of broken bones and burns when they think of work-related injuries, but cuts and lacerations are one of the most common types of injuries that workers’ comp covers. And since cuts can often be very serious, you must know that you’ll be taken care of if you’re injured. So if you get hurt at work, don’t hesitate to file a claim – chances are, it will be covered.

Why Small Business Owners Should Have Workers’ Insurance: In Conclusion

Workers’ insurance is a crucial safety net for small business owners and their families. If you are a small business owner, make sure to do your research and find the right insurer for your needs. You can never be too prepared when it comes to protecting your livelihood. Thank you for reading.

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