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Capturing Your Skydiving Experience in The Coastal Area of California

Are you thinking and searching for the perfect adrenaline rush sport? Well, skydiving is one of the adventures a lot of people might have on top of their bucket list. And, anyone who has it on their bucket list would probably love if they had an opportunity to Skydive in the coastal area of California.

This adventurous and interesting adrenaline rush sport is becoming increasingly popular, and people from all over the world are giving it a try – especially in California since it is known for its breathtaking landscapes and some of the best views you can get from the sky. If you want to try skydiving in California, this article might be helpful for you since it will feature everything that you should know about this sport. Let’s take a closer look:

Skydiving in Coastal California

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Did you ever have a dream of flying over beautiful coastal California? Well, if so, skydiving is one of the best and perfect ways to embrace the natural beauty of this mesmerizing coastline. You will be able to see incredible views of several locations including San Francisco, San Jose, Santa Cruz, and Monterey Bay – areas that are amazing when viewed from high above. Seeing these cities from eighteen thousand feet will be something that will be life-changing, as well as a memory that you will fondly remember.

People can choose to skydive alone or with a group of friends. However, it is worth mentioning that sharing this experience with other people will create memories that will last forever. Some skydiving flights can seat up to 21 passengers at a time, hence, you can choose to bring family members or friends to this incredible adventure.

The Benefits of Skydiving

Now, when you think about skydiving, you probably do not think that it provides, in fact, amazing long-term health benefits. Yup, you read that right. Surprisingly (or shockingly), it can actually help you with de-stressing your body since it will allow you to forget all the hardships and worries from your everyday life. You might not think that free-falling from 14 to 18 thousand feet could be beneficial, but it is, especially when you embrace the moment and enjoy the beautiful views. Hence, it can act as an instant stress relief method.

Yet another benefit people can get from their skydiving experience is facing one’s fears. When an individual faces their fears, they can allow themselves to be emotionally stronger and more confident. Although it looks like – and is an extreme – activity, a lot of people who tried this sport were surprised by how much they loved and enjoyed the whole experience.

Adrenaline is a survival characteristic all humans have, and building it up could boost a person’s overall wellbeing and health. Without any doubt, an individual’s mind and body can improve their overall awareness of the world around them – and skydiving involves having control over your mind, which is something that you can control when you, for example, jump out from a plane!

So, What Does Skydiving Feel Like?

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A lot of people think that skydiving would make their stomachs turn, however, in reality, it does not do that. When people watch various videos of skydivers or when they think about it in general, the first words that come to their mind are “rollercoaster” and “stomach-drop”. But, it is worth mentioning that skydiving will not give an individual that sudden stomach-drop feeling, nor will it make them feel like they are on a crazy rollercoaster.

When a person experiences jumping out of a plane, it feels more like a breathtaking activity that will give you an entirely new perspective on the world and life. Before the skydiving actually happens, the person or people will be on a plane moving towards the jump area at a steady speed. The speed is usually around 40 to 80 miles per hour. As a result, the human body is already moving at those speeds, hence, when someone jumps out of the plane, science takes over everything – and the jump will result in an incredible, safe, eye-opening, comfortable, life-changing experience.

Skydive Coastal California

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When choosing a reliable and safe skydiving company in California, make sure that you hire the best one. For example, Skydive Monterey Bay welcomes individuals who are just starting out and who are ready to start their free-falling journey. Did you ever hear about the world’s highest tandem? There are literally hundreds of options guests can choose from and one of them is the world’s largest skydiving experience, which is an 18 thousand feet drop.

Overall, it is 40 percent to 125 percent higher than anywhere else in the world. Skydiver experts at the Sky Dive Monterey Bay are all professionals who want and can provide their guests with the best and safest possible skydive experience. As a result, the company offers unique skydiving packages that you cannot opt for when you look at other companies.


As you can see, there are various reasons why you should try skydiving at least once in your lifetime. First, it will provide you with some of the most beautiful views in the world, and it will also allow you to overcome the fears that might have hindered you for a really long time.

Hence, now that you know everything there is about experiencing skydiving in coastal California, do not waste any more time, find a company that suits your needs, and experience something that will create amazing memories!

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