Skill Games At Casinos

Typically people see skill games at casinos as poker and other table games. In reality, things have been changing over the past few years quite rapidly. The current game development seems to be going in a direction where even slot machines are being more skill-based. In this article, we will introduce you to the new casino games that require skills at least to some extent.

Skill Games And Bonus Systems

Skill games are usually those types of games that aren’t there to play with any kind of bonus money. To learn more about casino bonuses, check here.

In the latest slot machines that allow players to use their skills and not just depend on their luck, the skills section usually starts with the bonus features. This means that you still need luck and good fortune to get into the bonus section. But once you are there, it’s not just about luck. Your skills are important here as well.

Skill-based Slot Machines


Skill-based slot machines are becoming increasingly popular all across the globe. This is not that surprising, since players are all the time wanting to see new features in casino games. A couple of years ago it was the Megaways feature that was the next big thing, now the trend is shifting towards games that are not just about leaving everything to chance.

When you start to play a skill-based slot, you need to keep in mind that although the game allows you to use your talents and brain, the Random Number Generator is still present and affecting most parts of the gameplay.

However, the way the RNG is working is still somewhat different. In traditional slots the only ways you yourself can have any impact on the game are betting adjustment and in some cases, choosing the bonus game.

In the new slot machines where skills are having some portion of the impact related to your winnings, the gameplay is more interactive. These types of casino games are easily compared to regular video games, where you can interact on a deeper level with the game itself.

In these slots that have skills features as well, your progress as a player is related to reaching new levels or completing different tasks. Each of these will increase the possible payout.

Why Choose a Skill-Based Game Instead of A Traditional?

The benefits of choosing these skill-based casino games are quite obvious. First of all, you are able to reach bigger winnings than in the regular versions of casino games. Second of all, you don’t need to rely solely on your luck, which makes it much more interesting.

The feeling of not being in control is always present in common slots. This is not what’s happening with skill-based games. This is and will be very appealing for a vast group of players from all over the world.

Are There Limitations To These Games?


There are limitations to skill-based casino games, even though these types of slots are designed to give some control to the players. The limitations can be evaluated both from a technical point of view but also from a financial aspect.

For online casinos, it would not make any sense to leave the luck out of the equation completely. This would mean for a risky business to become even riskier. If the RNG would not be in charge of running the games, and the winnings would be based on players’ skills, it would be very likely that the online casino would soon lose more money than it was making.

The technical aspect is another issue. So far the skill-based sections of the games have been focusing mainly on the bonus features, probably because this way, the game production is not as complicated. The fewer moving particles there are, the easier games are to produce.

Who Are These Games Designed For?

Casino games that require some skills are perfect for basically anyone, but on the other hand, there are certain types of people that will love these more than the others.

The most important group that these types of games are originally designed for are, surprise, surprise, the millennials. This is a very hard target group to please in many fields – in the casino industry as well.

Millennials are typically not that interested in traditional casino games. Instead, they want something fresh and more engaging. To this demand these games that require not only luck but skills, too, are ideal.

Millennials grew up with video games and witnessed the fast development of technology as they got older.

The Future of Casino Games


The future of all casino games is looking very interesting at the moment. Only a few years ago players couldn’t even dream of having these new kinds of skill-based slot machines to play, but now they are already a reality.

Currently, there are many more skill games being developed, and this trend will most likely arrive at live casinos as well. In the near future, we might see completely new styled games that we didn’t even know we wanted!

Another area that is gaining popularity in the world of online gambling is poker. Online pokies NZ have become a huge hit, with millions of players worldwide logging in to their favorite poker rooms to play Texas Hold’em, Omaha, and other variations of the game.
One of the major benefits of online poker is that it offers a level playing field for players of all skill levels. Beginners can play at their own pace and get comfortable with the game before moving on to more challenging opponents, while experienced players can test their skills against the best in the world.

Final Thoughts

Control is something that slot machines have been missing for decades and decades. Now the tables are turning, and in our opinion, this is happening because of the players themselves. Modern casino players are much more aware of the value that they bring to the casinos as well as game studios. Without them, there’s simply no revenue for the gambling industry.

The more demanding players get, the better games they also will see now and in the future. Skill-based games are the perfect example of this. These games are changing how players and others are now seeing online casinos: when luck plays a smaller role, more people are interested in joining.

The more control players get, the better results the casinos will also see. It is, however, important to understand that at least for now, luck still plays a crucial role when it comes to winnings. Skill-based slots are anyways a nice, needed change!

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