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Signs Your Spouse Is Having an Affair

Most of the time infidelities happen when one partner starts feeling very comfortable in a relationship. This comfortability leads to a higher level of trust which means that these two people in the relationship will never doubt each other. While this can be seen as a positive thing, you should always have your doubts about your spouse. You might think that your husband or wife has always been loyal, but what if that’s not the truth? For a truthful and successful relationship, you always have to be aware of your surroundings and what is going on with your spouse.

If there have been some weird things happening with your partner and in your relationship, you shouldn’t scratch that off like it is nothing. It might actually be something serious and if it isn’t, you still have to make sure.

Fortunately, the signs that spouses show when they’re having an affair are always the same and pretty obvious, if you know what to look for. All you need to do is learn those exact signs and then observe your partner to determine whether they are cheating or not.

So, to help you discover the secrets of your partner, here are the most common signs that your spouse is having an affair.

Emotional distancing or depression

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One of the most common and obvious signs that something is wrong with your partner is depression and emotional distancing. While these two signs don’t exactly point to an affair, it does show that there is something going on. Visit this site and check out the signs a man could have slept with another woman.

Most people that enter an affair start to show disinterest in their normal lives at home and towards their families. Their lives start to orbit around their lover instead of the more important things such as work or their children. It basically feels like they have become single and all they care about is themselves.

So, have you noticed any kind of emotional distancing or depression from your husband or wife? Have you tried talking about him or her about the subject? Assuming that you have tried to fix the problem and they show no interest whatsoever then you might have serious issues in your marriage. By doing this you will confirm to yourself whether you have to delve deeper into the secrecy of your partner.

Defensive, angry and dismissive

Another very obvious sign that your partner is cheating is how they react to you and your accusations. Many studies have shown that almost 80% of the people who decide to cheat become much more defensive about their lives and are very angry towards their spouse. Instead of trying to solve the problems by talking like adults, cheaters like to play with a defensive style. To every accusation they will become angry and will dismiss everything instead of logically explaining the situation.

Assuming that you have noticed this kind of behavior in your husband or wife then you should do a little test to determine whether they are actually having an affair or not.

Simply start asking them about what they have been doing throughout the day. Do this for a couple of weeks and have a certain aggressive tone to your questions to scare them a little bit. A normal and honest husband will just answer truthfully and sure, they will wonder why are you asking them in such a manner, but that’s about it. They won’t think much of it. A partner that is having an affair will take a different and much more aggressive approach. They will turn the accusations towards you and will never answer the question. This means that they weren’t prepared for your question and they didn’t have an answer thought of beforehand.

If this confirms your suspicions, you should consider installing a spy app on their phone to determine where they’ve been and who they have been talking to. I would recommend checking out because it comes with tons of features that will be able to show you all kinds of information about your partner.

Spending more time at work

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Assuming that you have been several years in a relationship or marriage with your partner then you probably have a good idea where they work, what they do and how long it takes them to finish that work.

So, if you know just exactly how much time they have been spending at work these last couple of years then it is will be a pretty obvious sign if they start spending a lot more time at work, at least that’s what your partner will claim. It doesn’t make any sense for someone to start spending a lot more hours at work out of nowhere. This is a pretty obvious sign that they might be having an affair.

Change in their appearance

This might not be a sign that directly connects with an affair, but it still might be a possibility. In most situations, cheaters try to improve their appearance to find a new lover. This is especially true if they haven’t changed their appearance for years and years until now. It is normal to wonder what caused them to make this kind of change in their life. Why has your partner never made such a change for you?

A second phone

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Today’s phone technology has reached incredible levels of advancement. We can play all kinds of games, do all kinds of tasks and call 10 people at the same time. Some phones even allow you to have two different SIM cards.

So, why would anyone need to have two phones in this day and age when everything can be done with just one phone? If you have noticed that your partner does have a second phone, you should ask them about it. Depending on their answer, you can determine whether they are telling the truth or whether they are lying to you.

Avoids sex

Assuming that both of you never had problems expressing physical attraction in the relationship then you would probably immediately notice if they stopped showing interest in you. If you’ve always had a healthy sex life until now, I think that may be an obvious sign that there might be an affair.

By analyzing your partner for all of the signs we mentioned above, you will surely be able to determine whether they are in an affair or not.

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