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Should You Choose Satellite TV?

In today’s time, your options for entertainment are well and truly many, with cable TV, streaming services, fiber optics, and satellite TV is one of the most frequently used.

With so many options, it seems that satellite TV has been hit the most, with streaming services being constantly on the rise. Services such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, HBO, and many more seem to have taken over satellite TV, making satellite TV companies obsolete.

But will all that said, the satellite TV technology is progressing and these companies are not ready to go down with the tides of time. These companies, along with the technological advancements, have really addressed some of the big problems involving satellite TV, and we’re going to tell you exactly why you should use it.

1. It Works Anywhere

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The main keyword here is “satellite”. Satellite TV works through, well, satellites and these are large objects that are placed in space in a geostationary orbit. They travel as the Earth moves, meaning that their position is relative to the Earth’s position in orbit. These satellites have the potential to send signals to virtually any antenna in every household if the antenna is properly aligned. Satellite TV works in a simple way. A broadcasting studio, or ground station, sends signals to multiple satellites which they re-direct the signal back to antennas.

So a clear advantage of satellite TV is the fact that it can be used anywhere and anytime. As a matter of fact, satellite TV is your best option if you’re in a rural place in the world.

2. Tons of Channels

Another great advantage of satellite TV is that you get an absurd number of channels to watch. While you do have to pay more for more channels, the fact still remains that you have tons of options. The most basic monthly plan usually involves between 40 and 50 channels, and it costs nothing. You can easily get a good plan that can involve up to 200 channels for measly $50/month.

It’s a well-established fact that satellite TV has a better month-to-month ratio over cable TV. Cable TV requires you to sign a contract, multiple years one, while satellite TV doesn’t. While there are multiple satellite TV networks that are gaining popularity, one that offers various packages to choose from is DISH Network.

3. Better Quality Picture

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Buying a high-resolution TV is great and all but imagine having to pair it with a low-quality video source. One thing that satellite TV has over any other entertainment source is the fact that it posses crystal clear and sharp imagery. With satellite TV, you can easily pair your high-resolution TV with the video source it deserves. Cable TV, on the other hand, posses much lower video quality, and streaming services heavily depend on your internet connection to give you the best possible video and picture quality.

Since satellite TV transmits video through a satellite, it is the best possible solution for the video-quality problem we currently face.


While satellite TV might not be the most glamorous form of entertainment, with everyone losing their minds over Netflix and Hulu, it still has more potential than any other streaming service out there. Cable TV has worse video-quality capabilities than satellite TV, and it costs much more. Based on what we said, we can safely say that you should use satellite TV.

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