5 Helpful Tips for Shipping a Car Safely

So, you are thinking of shipping your car out to your new home all the way across the country! What an exciting and anxious thing to think about, all the things that could go wrong and how to get there the safest way, and much more.

With that being said, if you’ve never shipped your car before, there are some important ideas you should keep in mind. These can be anything from how you ship your car, the pricing of shipment, to preparing your car before setting it for shipment. These are important to know so you can ship your car in a safe and timely manner.

Method Of Shipment Matters


Not every shipment method is the same, as a matter of fact, there are generally three different shipment options. Some are better for long-distance while others for short, and some may offer more protection to your car.

1. Truck Transport

A car shipping company like, often uses truck transport to move your vehicle. This is mainly a domestic source of transport and the most common way to ship vehicles around the country you reside in. As this is the traditional way of transporting your car, it tends to be the cheapest way of shipment.

Though cheap, it is highly efficient and gets your vehicle from one terminal to the other within a decent time frame, allotting a window for accidents, traffic, and other nuisances that may occur. They may even offer you the ability to ship it directly to your new residence if you seek that as well.

2. Rail Freight

Another form of shipment is through rail freight which is designated by train transport. These trains would take your car in a boxcar from one station to another, and drop off your car there just like any other cargo it may be carrying.

This method tends to be faster but is also more expensive due to the increase in speed and space taken up that could otherwise have held cargo. Not all shipment companies would offer this option, and those that do may require additional insurance to be added for what accidents may happen.

3. Air Transport

The final form of transport would be air shipments. This form of shipment is more than likely for going overseas or for going from one side of the country to the next in the fastest way possible.

Speed and with it being the safest way to ship your vehicle comes at a highly expensive price. But this would be worth it in the long run as you would get your car in no time, and in the safest way possible.

Don’t Choose On Price Alone


Expect to pay a good amount when you seek to ship your vehicle from one location to another and grow in price depending on distance and vehicle type. But what you shouldn’t do is just choose a company based on its price.

Indeed, a good company would charge a modest fee because they will get the job done perfectly without harm to your vehicle. And more than likely, a cheap company may cause unforeseen damage, while an expensive company may just be overcharging you for shoddy work.

You should look at reviews and try to contact the place to ask questions before just accepting their terms. See how other people used them and what they rated them, along with how many different plans, options, and ideas they offer you to see if they are high quality or just throwing a price tag at you.

Inspect Your Car With Detail


Whenever you are about to ship your vehicle, you should always do a thorough inspection of the car to see if it has any marks or damages. Then once it arrives conduct another to note any changes or new marks and damages.

This is more of an insurance action than a safety tip, but the idea of noting down what damages are pre-existing on your vehicle will allow you to track how your car looks before and after and allows you to consult with the insurance to get your money back. Plus, it allows you to review how safely the company handled and delivered your car.

Visit A Mechanic Before Shipment


A safe thing to do would be to bring your vehicle to a professional mechanic to do a full check-up and make sure everything is in working condition. This is more of a precaution, as the mechanic will ensure your vehicle is in great shape, oiled correctly, gases, and filled on all liquids to have a perfect trip there and last you while you in your new location.

While it may seem unnecessary, this is a very helpful tip to conduct before shipment. This allows the mechanic to also note damages, or problematic occurrences before you ship it, having two sets of eyes on your car and ensuring it is ready for driving after arrival.

Prepare Your Car For Shipment


Finally, you’d want to ensure your car is ready for shipment. This can be done by conducting a cleaning on both the inside and outside of the car. It may seem pointless, as the outside is more than likely to get dirty via dust, blow dirt, or smashed insects.

But it is very important for the inside of your car. The inside is not insured by insurance, meaning if something got damaged or lost (or stolen) during shipment, it would not be covered. Thus by cleaning out the inside and taking all valuable objects out, you are limiting your chances of problems and enhancing the safety of the shipment.

In Summary

Shipping your car can be a daunting task, both for first-timers or for newcomers. What’s important is to always keep the safety of your car in mind when choosing a shipment method and what company you want to ship your car with.

It is also a great idea to keep track of your car’s physical appearance, noting what may be wrong or damaged about it, and getting it seen by a professional to ensure it is of great quality before shipment. Cleaning out all valuables is a must! Following these tips will ensure your car will be shipped with top quality and ease, to get your vehicle to its new destination safely.

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