Sex Toys – Everyone Has Them

We’ve all heard about sex toys. These fun objects are one of the most sought-after fantasies for men and women. Unfortunately, many people are afraid to buy and use adult toys because they feel they’re doing something wrong. In this article, we’ll explore exactly what are sex toys, how they’re good for you, and reveal the fact that everyone has a sex toy!

What Are Sex Toys?

A sex toy is any type of object, accessory, or gadget specifically designed to provide a person with sexual pleasure. A sex toy not only gives physical stimulation to the body, but it can also improve your self-esteem and even strengthen the bond between two people in a relationship. While adult toys can be found in a wide array of shapes and features, the most popular ones are vibrators. These buzzing wonders provide vibrations, taps, or pulsations that can be applied to basically any part of the body.

The Truth About Masturbation


There are many myths and lies that float around masturbation, particularly female masturbation; with some people believing it could bring health and mental problems. But aside from these beliefs, there’s also an enormous moral stigma around self-pleasure. Women and even men used to be punished for masturbating, due to ideas that the sexual act was just meant to procreate.

However, nowadays the taboo around masturbation is coming to an end, and people see it as it really is: a healthy activity that can bring numerous benefits to those who practice it. You can learn more about sexual liberty by doing some research.

How to Use Sex Toys

The first step to learning how to use a sex toy is always the same: free your mind of prejudice, false beliefs, and shame. The goal of any sex toy is to enrich your sexual experience, whether you’re doing it alone or with somebody else. The most popular adult toys, which are vibrators, are usually activated with batteries, so make sure you always have fresh disposable batteries or your device charger at hand.

Some sex toys are pretty simple and only have an “on” and “off” button, while others have different intensity levels and even buttons to change vibration patterns. However your sex toy is, you just have to turn it on and start caressing different parts of your body with it until you start feeling deep pleasure.

Types of Stimulation Offered


Sex toys, particularly vibrators and dildos, used to be pretty basic and, even when they got the job done, they weren’t quite accurate at satisfying all sorts of people. Nowadays, you can easily find vibrators and other gadgets designed specifically to stimulate different zones of both female and male anatomy. If you’re already quite familiar with your body and your likes, you’ll have no trouble picking one of the 3 types of stimulation. If you’re still new to this topic, we invite you to pick a sex toy that offers multiple types of stimulation so you can discover which one you like the most.

Vaginal Stimulation

Commonly called dildos or vibrators, these classic sex toys accomplish the most basic of functions. You can provide penetration and vibrations at the same time. These toys are designed for those women who enjoy vibrations but also get their pleasure through penetration of the device. These vibrators have a simple phallic shape and some even have different textures or hyperrealistic anatomical silhouettes and colors. The strong combination of vibrations and penetrations will help you achieve vaginal orgasms easily.

Clitoral Stimulation


These types of vibrators are also known as bullets. They are small devices (3 to 3 inches) and have a slim and long or oval shape. The main function of these adult toys is to offer direct contact stimulation to the clitoris, that’s why their size is so small and the shape is so delicate and smooth. Clitoral stimulation vibrators are very easy to manipulate with just one hand due to their size, and they find their way perfectly into the clitoris to provide different levels of vibration.

G-spot Stimulation

We couldn’t cover the different types of stimulation and not mention the G-Spot. Nowadays there are plenty of sex toys designed specifically to satisfy this mythical dot, found hidden inside a woman’s body. G-Spot vibrators have a curved shape in order to reach the exact point, although, in many cases, you can find them combined with a classic vibrator silhouette or in more flexible and bendable models so you can reach out and look for your own G-Spot.

The Benefits of Using Sex Toys


Now you know the different types of stimulation provided by most sex toys, but exactly how good are they for you? The number of benefits that come with using sex toys is huge, not only physically but also emotionally and mentally. The first and most important thing to know about vibrators is that they’re designed to help you discover new sensations. They can also help you get to know your body as no other experience will, and we don’t only mean anatomically. You’ll discover your rhythms, your sensitivity, and even your physical limits. People who know themselves sexually are great in bed!

Sex Toys and Couples

Many people -wrongfully- believe that sex toys are exclusive to be used in private and all alone. Some even dare say that people who use sex toys are cold-hearted and don’t need a partner. This is a huge lie! Not only a sex toy can never replace a partner, but it can also be a big incentive or dressing to your relationship. When a couple is willing to introduce the use of sex toys in their life, a whole world of possibilities is discovered. The communication between two people improves drastically and confidence is strengthened when you start using toys together.

There are sex toys that even need two people to be used, or they can be more fun when used by more than one. You can find gadgets such as remote control vibrators and make the most of them.

It’s ok if you go for a compact and discreet model, a long and flashy one, or even a special gadget to use with your couple. Sex toys can only bring good things to your life! You’re more than entitled to enjoy a free and fun sex life as you see fit, and that includes using the most innovative and powerful sex toys. Leave your fears behind and remember, everyone has sex toys!

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