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Introduction To Industrial Flue Gas Heat Recovery – Learn the Basics

Flue gas is often time seen as a waste product since it is a mixture of exhausted combustions. Flue gas is generated mainly through ovens, industrial complexes, and large scale production facilities that are producing it on a large scale.

Since flue gas is labeled as a product of waste, most of the time companies that are producing it are expelling it into the atmosphere. But one thing that these companies might not know is the fact that flue gas can be recycled, thus using it in the form of heat energy.

What is Industrial Flue Gas Heat Recovery?

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Industrial flue gas heat recovery refers to the process of recycling flue gas in the form of renewable heat energy. It is performed by flue gas heat recovery systems that use the waste heat and recycles it, thus extracting the valuable heat energy from it and transferring it back to the heat cycle.

This system can be employed by installing it into the air condition system or the chimneys of large scale production facilities, ovens, or industrial complexes. This system is simply the medium between the exhausted waste heat and the inflowing cold air from the outside. By combining the two, it heats up the cold inflowing air and utilizes its heat potential that would otherwise be lost. What this does is effectively increasing the efficiency of your heat recovery system, by utilizing the very thing that industrial complexes produce as waste.

These systems are considered to be quite cost-effective, and even cheaper than replacing the entire heating system.

Another thing that this system can do is filter out damaging pollutants from the air as a result of machines working. Newest inline flue gas heat recovery systems are so efficient that they can extract 10% of energy with gas heaters and 5% with oil filters. For more information about these systems, you can visit Exodraft.

Benefits of Flue Gas Heat Recovery Systems

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· Waste Heat Recovery

With this system, heat losses can be minimized before they are even created. Flue gases instead of being expelled into the atmosphere can be recycled and used to re-heat.

· Preheating Combustion Air

A great way to preheat combustion air is with the use of regenerators. Regenerators are insulated containers filled with metal shapes that can absorb and store a significant amount of heat energy. These chambers act as “batteries for heat”, and can be rechargeable.

When the regenerator is put to work, cold air will fill it before the rest of the flue gases are mixed. For this method to work uninterrupted, you would require at least two regenerators. The first one will provide energy to the combustion air while the other will be recharged or vice versa.

· Low Maintenance

The great thing about flue gas recovery systems is the fact that they require very little maintenance. Since the system has filters that filter out dangerous pollutants before they become a threat, they use those same filters to effectively “clean” the whole system.

The smart thing about flue gas recovery systems is that they are designed to be low-cost, cost-effective, and low maintenance solutions to all of your industrial heat recovery problems.

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