4 Things to know Before Sending Gift Cards & eVouchers

Giving somebody a gift for a special occasion is not always as straightforward and easy as it seems. Lots of people are hard to shop for either because their interests and hobbies are unique and unorthodox, or because they already seem to have everything they need. Some do not get that excited about gifts so whatever you get them it appears they hate it due to the lack of any surprises or emotions. Whatever the case may be, you have probably experienced similar situations, and not you want to prevent it from happening again.

This is where the incredible idea of gift cards and vouchers comes in. For decades, these substitutes for concrete and specific gifts have saved numerous gift-givers and allowed them to get a last-second present for an emergency. Best of all, they are the perfect thing to give to that peculiar person in your life who is never content with anything they get or if they do not care for receiving anything.


When somebody gets a card or a voucher of this sort, it means they can use it on whatever they seem fit and whenever they want to. Depending on the shop and the amount you give them, they are free to purchase any item or service at a number of stores, either when they want or when they need it. It is a nice way of giving presents to groups of people as well like your colleagues, family members of the same age or interests, or your employees. Each of them gets the same treatment but they can do or get different things in the end.

Before you start buying gift cards and contemporary eVouchers for your friends and family, however, you have to be familiar with how they work. There are some key things to learn before you make them your go-to solution for all sorts of special events, celebrations, and parties. In the following paragraphs, you will learn all there is. For example, it matters where you are from and where you are sending the cards and vouchers to. If you perhaps live in India, you will definitely want to check out Giftstoindia24x7. To know more about sending gift cards in India, click here.


1. Expiration Dates Exist

Buying gift cards and electronic vouchers come with a very important feature that both you as the gift giver and the person you are giving it to, the receiver, have to realize. Every single version has an expiration date. The time during which it is valid is not infinite and it usually lasts for a whole year. As soon as you buy it and the cahier or the services registers and activates it, it starts to expire. While a year is more than enough to use any type of card or voucher, numerous people forget about them or fail to use them on time. Make sure to ask how long it stays operational and tell this valuable piece of information to the person you give it to. There are ways to check of course, either on the card itself or on electronic services, but it does not hurt to make sure. The last thing either of the sides would want is for the company to get the money for the card but the person not to pick up a gift for the amount.

2. Occasions Matter


It is important to take into account the type of occasion when giving somebody a voucher or some gift card balance as a present. Not all events are the same as some are a once in a lifetime things while others happen every year. Wedding, graduation, and new baby gifts simply have to be bigger and more meaningful than a birthday, Valentine’s, or Christmas gifts. What is more, you should try to get the right kind of card that follows the theme of the occasion. There are usually different varieties with visuals and elements that complement the occasion at hand, so do not just get a generic card for a beloved friend or a close family member. Make sure the card itself looks good and that it is wrapped nicely. The experience will be that much better and they will enjoy it more.

3. Digital or Physical

It is always good to have options with things that cost money for more than just the sake of ease and convenience. In the modern age, most things come in digital varieties. With something that can be implemented with mere codes, electronic gift cards and eVouchers may be the best and most straightforward way of giving somebody this type of gift. However, if you have somebody on the elderly side or someone not that tech-savvy, you may want a physical option. Most big-name corporations and global companies allow the users to activate the physical cards and transfer the balance to their accounts, after which there is no more expiration date. The balance they get is transferred to their account just like if they had purchased it themselves. Alternatively, buying physical gift cards for major tech, clothing, or food and beverage brands in supermarkets is still an option.


4. Pros and Cons

Believe it or not, there are good and bad sides to this form of gift-giving. The pros are obvious and they include last-minute presents, a substitute for traditional cash or credit card payments, allowing the person to buy themselves what they need/want, and spending control in some cases. On the other hand, the cons come in the form of leftover money and small amounts you cannot use, too little money for certain presents which you then have to pay regularly, losing or having physical cards stolen, or failing to activate and use the card on time. In some cases, there could even be fees charged for the inactivity of certain vouchers or cards that are more special and unique. All in all, the positives outweigh the negatives here which is why they will always be relevant for gift-givers and have a special place as a viable solution in numerous occasions where presents are due.

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