How Do You Send Flowers Internationally – 2024 Guide 

Are you in a new relationship? Maybe you are just trying to impress a girl that you like? On the other hand, you may need some gorgeous flowers for your mother, sister, friend, or colleague. Either way, it may be, flowers are always a good idea when you’re trying to make a good first impression, or when you’re trying to show your love. Keep on reading and understand when to send them, how to send them, as well as what their message is.

So, why send flowers in the first place?

Flowers are the most popular & common gift for expressing love & appreciation without spending way too much of your money. They are so universal and ideal for different events, age groups, gatherings, as well as genders. With flowers, you can show how much you value the other person, and you can show them that you love them and value their presence. If you need great service and you need someone who you can trust, you should check out They deliver flowers all over Russia and up to 3000 different cities and towns.

When to send them?


There are many occasions, and the most popular & common ones are:

  • Birthdays
  • Anniversary
  • Valentine’s day
  • Date night
  • Graduation
  • Prom night

However, you can also send them when you’re trying to be spontaneous and when you’re trying to surprise someone you love when they least expect it to happen. If you are a romantic person and someone who is full of surprises, this is the perfect solution for you.

How to choose the right bouquet?

Choosing flowers is the hardest part since you can feel overwhelmed when you see them in person, or when you browse through different catalogs online. There are hundreds of different kinds of flowers, as well as different colors and kinds that you can go for. The most common flower? Roses. However, loads of florists believe and swear by diverse bouquets and colorful arrangments that can have all of your favorite & top-pick flowers. Rather stick to something out of the ordinary and unique if you wish to make an impression.

Where to send them, what are your options?

Sending out flowers can be done straight to the person’s home, or at their work location. Make sure that you know where your beloved person is at the given moment since you’d want her to pick them up directly rather than having the flowers waiting around at her doorstep, right?

Should you add a note along with your bouquet?


You should always add a witty, cute & romantic note that will let the person know that these flowers are from you. Include a positive and happy message, and go for something that is personal and quite empowering between the two of you.

How to send flowers internationally: top 3 ways to try

So, if you are trying to send a bouquet internationally and you are struggling with figuring out the right way & proper approach, have no worries! Here are the top three easy ways on how to do it:

1. Find the right company

You can easily find a company that delivers flowers straight to the location. Some bigger boutiques work with florists from all over the world and they can arrange this for you. All you have to do is:

  • Choose your favorite & prettiest arrangement when browsing through a catalog
  • Add a personalized note, or even some cute gift ideas such as a teddy bear, a box of chocolate, and an alcoholic beverage
  • Choose a shipping method that works best for you
  • Add your card or PayPal details and make a purchase

PS: Heads up with this method since it is quite rare to find + they deliver only to some bigger & major cities.

2. Go for a local florist


Another solution is for you to find a florist that is nearby your beloved person. Go for a local smaller florist that delivers straight to the doorstep. Make sure that you:

  • Enter her address and navigate local florists from there
  • Get in touch and contact the shop yourself, chat with their friendly staff and see what they have to offer
  • Make sure that you choose someone who understands the English language
  • Ask them to add a personal note in their native language (if your beloved person speaks that language, that is)
  • Make an agreement on the final due date & time of the delivery
  • Pay for the flowers with your credit car

3. You can ship them yourself

Lastly, you can also ship these flowers yourself! Did you know that UPS and FedEx can do this service for you? Make sure to contact your postal office or your shipping courier before you indulge in this process. Here are some other pointers:

  • Purchase the flowers from your favorite flower shop
  • Make sure that your bouquet is wrapped in a wet paper towel
  • Make sure that the stems are wet
  • Use rubber bands to secure them
  • Wrap them in a plastic bag
  • Go for a big box that has zip ties
  • Go to your nearest shipping center and choose your shipping option
  • Go for express delivery since you don’t want them to die or dry out

PS: Although quite cute as a method because you get to pick out the bouquet yourself and in person, this method may not be as reliable. This shipping method can sometimes take weeks to happen if something goes wrong, and your flowers may not get there in time.

How to send flowers & who to trust?


You can go for flowers, personalized gifts, or flowers in the box – the choice is entirely up to you. All bouquets are delivered by couriers assigned to the shops that make the bouquets within the shortest time possible, ideal for women who love to get surprises. Get in touch with their friendly staff and have all of your questions answered & your requests fulfilled.

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