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5 Ways To Sell Your Old Phone And Make Some Money

Trends in the world of technology are constantly changing and bring something new. Therefore, it is not surprising that after a while – we want to buy some of the newer models. But what to do with an old cell phone? Can we sell it? The answer is YES, can help you sell your old phone for cash. And not just any phone, but many other devices.

What To Do With An Old Mobile Phone?

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The world of technology brings more and more innovations – so is the situation with mobile phones. Every day we are exposed to the emergence of new models that have new and different functions. For some people, modern mobile phones with many features are a necessity. For some, they have become a status symbol. And some are just curious to try something new. When we decide to buy a new mobile phone – we mostly ask ourselves what to do with the old one? Keep it? Recycle it? Sell it? The last option is certainly the most common one. The consumer society forces us to change mobile phones even more often in the absence of money and real needs. Therefore, selling a mobile phone is something we are all used to.

What To Do Before You Sell An Old Phone?

If you want to sell your old phone there are some important things you need to do before you advertise it. You certainly don’t want to pass on your personal information to someone else. Whether you sell the phone to an acquaintance or a stranger – you should always delete all your data from it. This protects your privacy, but also makes it easier for the new owner to reset.

Here are the things you should do before selling:

Remove your SIM card

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Even if you take a new SIM card with your new phone, you will need the old one because you probably have a lot of contacts on it.

Remove the memory card

If you have a phone with a microSD port, remove your memory card. Before that, copy as many photos, applications, and documents as you want to transfer them to your new phone.

Delete the data

Delete all the data from your phone and restore it to the factory settings. Make sure you back up all your data somewhere before deleting it from your old phone.

Clean the phone

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Once you have cleaned the inside of the phone – you need to tidy it up as well. You may not be able to do much about scratches on the screen – but you will certainly leave a better impression with the phone without dirty marks all over the screen. If you want to impress a potential customer and achieve a better offer, you can put protection on the screen – or even replace the battery cover if possible.

Sale Of Old Mobile Phone

When you get a new cell phone – the old one no longer serves its purpose. You will probably put it in a desk drawer and forget about it – while you are fascinated by exploring all the benefits of a new mobile phone. The suggestion is to be practical and economical – because there is always a way to cash in an old mobile phone. How to do it? There are several options you can consider. You can consider recycling, selling to a friend, selling via eBay – or selling to companies that buy used phones. This last option is very interesting because you have the opportunity to compare prices – and decide on the best option. According to webuyphones, this is a great opportunity to get a realistic market price for your old device. This option allows you to get paid very quickly after a free evaluation of your mobile phone.

How To Sell Your Old Phone And Earn Some Money?

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In case you’re not much of a trader, and you need to sell an old cell-phone rapidly and effectively – here are a couple of ways. Tune in to the guidance and your odds of a decent deal will most likely be higher.

1. Be realistic when pricing

Don’t expect a miracle and don’t stick to a feverishly unrealistic price that everyone ignores. Before you decide to form the selling price of your phone, search the ads for the same phone, see in what condition and for how much money it is offered, and whether it comes with another month of warranty or not.

2. Describe your phone in detail

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Put yourself in the position of a customer and think about what you would be interested in when buying that phone that you will put in the ad. Phone information should include the time of purchase, the duration of the warranty, whether the device has already been serviced or not. Also, note whether the phone is damaged, where exactly, how much you used it, whether it is locked – and how many accessories are with the phone. So list it all.

3. Set clear photos

Clear, well-lit close-up photography – will make your phone closer to future customers. Picture it from all sides – hips, front, back, top and bottom, etc. Pay special attention to the damage – because you will immediately get the question: Was the phone hit or damaged? Take photos of the device box, extra covers, charger, headphones, everything you have, and give with your phone. Dark, blurry, and suspicious photos will drive away customers.

4. Pack and offer all of the accessories

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If you have bought additional memory, covers, batteries, headphones, and other accessories over time – that’s great! It would be good to offer all this with your phone – for a slightly higher price. Anything you have left from the phone will collect dust and be almost useless.

5. Allow the customer to see the phone

Don’t hate meeting those who would like to see the phone live – especially if you live nearby. If you are selling a phone with a lot of extra money, try to show everything – it can only be a plus and a lure for better sales.

The Bottom Line

The fact is that new mobile phones generally have a fairly high price. Good investments always pay off, and there is another way to get the extra money – that will allow you to save when buying a new device. Try some of our tips, and sell your old mobile phone at the best possible price. In any case, it will pay off more.

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