Online Shopping: 10 Proven Ways To Score The Best Deals And Discounts

Online shopping is now being embraced daily by people because there is nothing better than staying at the comfort of your home and getting whatever you need with just a click. Online shopping is good, but getting the best deals can be stressful, and some people don’t even know how to go about it.

Recently, it is now obvious that online stores have devised strategies to take more advantage of their customers. First, make sure that you are shopping at a reliable online store. The review platform Britainreviews remains one of the credible platforms where you can get information about different online stores to make informed decisions. There are many tips which if followed can help you to get good deals and discounts when shopping and some of them are:

1. Strategic Use Of Multiple Coupon Codes


If an online store allows the use of different coupon codes when shopping from them, you can strategically use the coupon codes to bag better deals. For instance, if you want to buy smartwatches and gadgets in a store and the store accepts different coupons when you want to check out, you can use your promo code first before using a coupon code.

2. Don’t Fall For Dynamic Pricing

As said before, many online stores now devise a means of getting most of their customers, so they use dynamic pricing. Dynamic pricing is the act of showing different prices of a particular product to different customers. This means that an Online store can show customer A that a product costs $5 while another customer B has the same product at $15. One way of overcoming this is by clearing your cookies, browsing history, and browsing in incognito mode.

3. Purchase With a Coupon Code

If you want to score good deals, you should probably use a coupon code while shopping. A coupon code can save you about 10-30% of the amount of money you pay for a product. If you are finding it difficult to get a coupon code, you can make use of coupon apps or sites like or even search for coupon codes on Google.

4. Buy On The Right Day


There are certain days of the week when sales drop, and there are days when they go up. If you want to score the best deals, shop on those days when the price of that product you want to buy goes down. It is known that the price of many products usually goes down on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays while it is at its highest on Mondays. There are also times in the year when you can get huge discounts, such as amazon prime day, cyber Monday, black Friday, etc.

5. Ask For Extension Of Expired Coupon

If you checked your email and you discover that there is a coupon in your mail that you didn’t respond to but was a good one, you can still call the customer service of the brand and ask them for the extension of the coupon since you’re about to make an order. The sales representatives of online stores are always eager to make sales, and so most of them would be happy to extend the offer if you are buying immediately.

6. Plan Your Shopping

If you can take your time and plan your shopping, you would bag better deals than when you don’t. Planning your shopping means that you have to write and remember the days of the week that each product has discounts. For instance, Amazon offers bookworms special discounts for book lovers on Saturdays if you want to buy books. Then if you want to buy laptops, shopping on Tuesdays at an online store like Dell Home will help you get special discounts.

7. Make Smart Comparisons


Getting the best deals online entails that you do some research before you buy. When you make a comparison of the price of other online stores before you buy, you will discover the best store with a better price. If you don’t want to do this yourself, there are apps and browser plug-ins that can help you do that. Apps like Price grabber and browser plug-ins like PriceBlink will help you do that.

8. Leave Items On Your Cart For some time

If you want to buy something online, it is advisable that you leave that item in your cart for some time, probably for 24 hours or 48 hours. It has been discovered that many online stores do not like a deal that hasn’t been sealed. They can even reduce the price of the product in your cart so that you can buy. Except for price reduction, leaving the item in your cart for some time will help you not to make impulse buying.

9. Purchase Online And Pick It Up At The Store

Everyone knows how shopping can be very expensive. If the online store has the option of shipping and picking up any product you order from their store, go for it because it will help you reduce the cost of shipping the product to your doorstep. Instead of paying $40 plus $10 shipping costs for a product, you can pay only $40 if you choose the option of buying online and picking it up at the store.

10. Make Use Of Smart Reward Programs


You can check online for programs that will offer you rewards, such as discounts for popular online stores. In some of these programs, all you have to do is watch videos and do some surveys to get discounts and gift cards in return. Some of these smart reward programs are Swagbucks, ShopKick, etc.

Shopping online is now the order of the day because of the convenience. One can stay in the comfort of their home and buy things online. However, you have to be smart if you want to make the most of online shopping. With the shopping tips mentioned above, you can shop online and still get the best deals.

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