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Robotic Trends – Top 8 Predictions in 2024

In 2019, cobots and industrial robots ruled, showing the direction in which the business should go when it comes to automating the processes. That year is now behind us and it brought a lot of positive things to the table in the world of robotics. But we need to look forward.

But what will happen in 2024? How will the robots flourish, and what advancements will be made in his sector? These are some of the most questions people have. To answer these all, here we bring you a list of our predictions related to robotic trends in 2024.

Robot companies will team-up

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In 2024, we will see robotic companies teaming-up to bring us something big and better in terms of robots. They will become partners to bring a new level of automation. Any robotic company that has made success in developing a fine robotic product will move to the next step. For that, they will seek the assistance of another robotic company that has made any such achievement or other robotic products. For example, a mobile robot company can team up with piece-picking systems, or a gripper company can become partners with other robotic companies to create new robot applications in manufacturing.

Increased adaptability by Large companies

As seen in the past year, robots will remain hot-favorite among industries, even in 2024. People love the idea of automation, and this year, we will see the increased acquisition of robots by large companies. We expect that in 2024, most of the omnichannel retailers, third-party logistics providers, and warehouses will use mobile robots to move their goods.

The debate for cobot vs. industrial robot will fade

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We have seen people getting confused between cobots and industrial robots in 2024. The trend will take its pace with technological advancements. Cobots are getting bigger on one side, and on the other, the industrial robots are becoming human-friendly, which means that they slow down their speed and even stop operating when a human comes close to them. This improvement helps the end-user, and now they only have to focus on the specifications of the robot and not on the security issues.

Robots will be used by retailers to scale-up inventory

Robots will be used for inventory management of the slow-moving items by retailers. As they can not hire additional staff or use existing robots for such a task. With the use of robots and improved automaton systems, the retailers will become able to increase the number of SKUs they are able to carry.

2020 Olympics will boost Robots

2020 Olympics will give a boost to robots. The event aims to be the most innovative tournament in history, where robots will be placed at facilities related to the tournament and used to welcome players and spectators. There will be self-driving cars in the closed environments to shuttle people around. Not only that, the event will host robots for people in remote areas to interact with athletes, etc. There are five types, including those supported by a life support robot so that people who use a wheelchair can enjoy watching games without worry. Also, the event will be covered by drones. The whole event will definitely help robotic companies in spreading awareness among people.

Rise of Entertainment Robot Café

From 2019, the trend of entertainment robot café continues to rise and will keep growing in 2024 as well. In many countries, there are restaurants available that serve food with the help of robots, but soon we will witness cafe with stand-alone barista robots brewing coffee for us. There are robotic companies that have made tremendous efforts in establishing fully automated cafes. At Innoprom expo 2019, one such project was showcased by Rozum Robotics, and it earned great fame.

Robots from science fiction movies will be developed

In 2019, futuristic dogs and humanoids from Boston Dynamics made a sensation in the world of innovation, which copes well with tasks in natural conditions. Since September last year, Spot robots resembling dogs for industrial applications have been available, e.g., for monitoring construction sites or simple manipulations on gas or energy installations. In 2024, further achievements in the field of robotics and new, spectacular technological solutions using robots can be made. We can expect the development of robots shown in science – fiction movies. If this happens, we’ll surely have a wide-range of humanoids and robotic animals at our disposal.

Autonomous cars will be used in a controlled environment

The possibilities of autonomous cars or self-driving cars are increasing. In 2019, Tesla implemented an upgrade to all its cars. For example – using the mobile application, the driver can “call” the car to himself. For now, however, these self-driving cars will be used in a controlled environment and for controlled locations such as retirement communities, campuses, parking lots, etc. Another expectation is that these cars will be used in last-mile delivery scenarios for delivering pizzas and groceries and not for personal or ride-sharing use.


In a nutshell, this year people are going to take a lot of necessary steps moving forward in robot development. However, these are just the predictions, however, they are based on facts and everything we have done so far. Either way, it takes some time to get really advanced in such fields and the thing is – we are just getting started.

Based on what you read here, what do you think awaits us in the future? Moving forward in 2024? 2024? Leave your thoughts in the comment section!

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