Review of Sleep Innovations Shiloh 12-inch Memory Foam Mattress

Your noisy neighbors do a late-night party at their home. Are you getting disturbed sleep due to barking dogs? Having lots of disturbance while sleeping? Then why you didn’t change your old beddings to the new one? There are multiple options available in purchasing mattresses. Stay here to know an excellent mattress to sleep well with less motion.

Features of sleep innovations Shiloh


Sleep innovations are one of the leading providers of the mattress to sleep comfortably. They introduced lots of mattresses in different sizes with various styles. Recently, they manufactured a sleep innovations Shiloh 12-inch memory foam mattress which is made with some advanced technologies.

This is the excellent mattress which I recommend you to buy. And, I’m not simply suggesting this mattress, also share with you the features of Sleep innovations Shiloh mattresses. The features of sleep innovations Shiloh is described below.

Head-to-toe comfort


The sleep innovations Shiloh mattress provides head-to-toe comfort and it also helps you to keep your body properly in an aligned position. Moreover, it also gives full support and offers only a comfortable temperature.

Hence, you can’t get any disturbance from your neighbor’s midnight party or dog’s parking.

Proven pressure point relief


Every mattress of sleep innovations is designed to proven pressure point relief. This feature helps you to sleep longer and deeper, so you should feel rest and get relief from pressure. Therefore, this is the right choice for you to feel responsive and as well as extremely comfortable from head to toe for all nights.

DuoComfort design


The sleep innovations Shiloh 12 inch mattress is designed with DuoComfort and its top layers are in 2.5 inches and bottom layers are 9.5 inches. The top layer is made with SureTemp memory foam and the bottom layer is made out of support plus foam.

Soft poly-cotton blend cover

The sleep innovations Shiloh mattresses are covered by soft poly-cotton blend cover.

Vacuum packed


In order to ship the mattress easily, it is vacuum packed. When you do not use this sleeping mattress, you can store it as vacuum packed, so it consumes only a smaller area.

Multiple sizes


This sleep innovations Shiloh 12-inch mattress company knows that a single size is not fit for all people to sleep deeply. So, it provides Shiloh in various sizes to make sure that it suits for all sleepers.


The sleep innovations Shiloh is made in the USA and it offers 20 years limited warranty.




  • It provides lightly cradling comfort
  • You will feel a medium level
  • It has proven pressure point relief
  • This Shiloh is available in DuoComfort design
  • It provides soft poly-cotton blend mattress cover
  • It gives 20 years limited warranty


  • This mattress is pretty firm

Final conclusion

Do you want to sleep with head-to-toe comfort? Want to sleep in any position without any disturbance? I strongly recommend you to buy Sleep innovations Shiloh 12-inch memory foam queen mattress to sleep deeply.

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