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Regrettable DIY Remedies That You Should Never Try

Life has become so convenient these days; whether we are feeling sick, need a beauty treatment, fix something up, or anything bad happens under the sky for that matter, we rush to Google for answers. And why not? It’s super affordable to do so, particularly when you have acquired the internet via

Before the internet and sophisticated research methods, we had healers, midwives, grannies, and elders, who would impart their wisdom and remedies for all worries and troubles in the world. A lot of unusual and somewhat weird medical treatments have been documented by healers throughout the history, such as the use of lizard blood, dead mice, horse saliva, animal and human excrement, consumption of noxious mercury brews, sleeping with a human skull, bloodletting, perforating skulls, and utilizing cannibalistic medicines. Their solutions were considered as sacred as the home remedies we encounter online today by random people and bloggers.

Though you will not find such gruesome home remedies over the internet since we are better enlightened than our ancestors, there are chances we can still come across terrible DIY remedies that we would try without giving them a second thought.

So here we have a list of DIY home remedies that may sound utterly convincing to you but are pernicious.

1. Lemon and Baking Soda’s Terrible Fusion

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When your teeth are yellowing, instead of going to the dentist or brushing your teeth regularly, you consult random blogs, which often recommend the use of the combination of lemon and baking soda to whiten them. The remedy is effective, but on the surface only. The acidic contents of lemon destroy the enamel, the shield that protects your teeth. Once the enamel is removed, your teeth may seem very white and pretty, but they don’t have the protection anymore. Subsequently, any stains will be able to permeate deeper in your teeth, and your teeth will shrink gradually. So leave these harsh ingredients alone and use tooth-whitening paste approved by a dentist and curb dietary habits that yellow your teeth.

2. Castor Oil for Hair Growth or Hair Shed?

The internet is filled with hundreds of testimonies by bloggers for the use of castor oil as the ‘panacea’ for hair loss. Believing these testimonies, many people begin using the fabled oil. However, some people weren’t that lucky as these bloggers, and their hair began excessive shedding.

Castor oil may be beneficial in some aspects, but it doesn’t mean that it will be a panacea for everything. Everyone has different hair types; hence, it will surely have a varying impact; in some cases, not very pleasant. Further, castor oil does not have any scientific evidence for stimulating hair growth, though it does possess antimicrobial properties that can fight off the bacterial and fungal infection on the scalp. However, if a person turns out allergic, it’s going to worsen the condition further.

Also, using a beneficial ingredient incorrectly can have drastic consequences.

3. Butter for Burns

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A cold knob of butter sounds like a heavenly relief when you have burned your hand, but that relief only lasts for a short while. Plus, a medical practitioner would never recommend such a thing. In fact, any grocery item, be it butter, egg white, or honey is absolutely inadvisable. These sorts of treatments can trap heat under the skin, exacerbating your burn by infusing heat deeper into your dermal layers and prolonging your suffering. The added layer of these items can make things more difficult for a medical practitioner in assessment and aid.

4. Lead Disguised As Helpful Medicine

Any remedy that has lead in it is a big NO! Those colorful powders of Greta and Azacron may seem like a nice remedy for your child, and you might give it credit thinking that this remedy is as old as time and seems to lessen your child woes, but remember the catastrophic remedies of ancient times? Lead is akin to that mercury treatment.

In 2017, 1.06 million people died from lead poisoning, and its exposure led to intellectual disability in children.

5. DIY Bloody Scrubs

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Those DIY scrubs the beauty bloggers love to vouch for seeming really easy; just grab a few ingredients, mash them together, then scrub our face to get off the dead skin, and voila, you have skin as soft as a baby. Well, things rarely live up to our fantasy; in fact, they can get bloodier.

DIY scrubs made from walnuts, almonds, and pistachio shells or the popular ingredient sugar will abrade your skin badly. These ingredients have jagged edges that are not advisable, particularly for your face, which has far more sensitive skin than the rest of the body.

What are your regrets?

While you have been warned of these infamous remedies by us, tell us what DIY remedies you tried and ended up regretting. It’s time we tell people the truth about those internet remedies.

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