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How To Reform Old Leather – 2024 Guide

Leather jackets or coats, pouch, hat, gloves, shoes, boots are always in trend. Patterns change over time, as do colors, but leather clothing and footwear is always in vogue. Of course, the skin must be carefully cleaned and maintained to use for years and retain quality, radiance, and originality. But how to reform old leather pieces and make them look like new? Is it even possible? We’ll try to find out for you…

How To Properly Choose A Leather Wardrobe

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Your new jacket is not like the one you took from the window only a few weeks ago. She started to peel, stretched and lost shape, color, and shine. To avoid the pitfalls of buying leather goods from poor quality material, we’ve put together a list of tricks you should pay attention to.

You should buy quality goods because you are already paying a lot of money for such items. Price is also one of the indicators of the quality of goods. Leather is a natural material that adapts to your body over time. And besides, you should be comfortable in a leather jacket, shoes, pants, gloves.


Increasingly, models are made from lower-quality leather from the Eastern and Chinese markets. So, take a look at the “country of origin declaration” before buying shoes or some other piece. Do not buy items of suspicious quality. The best leather is made in Europe.


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The appearance of the highest quality leather is that its surface structure is uniform, but not completely. When, for example, you notice that one part of the jacket has a slightly rougher structure than the other part, and yet it looks natural – that is fine because it means that it is produced without overly concealing its imperfections. This means that it is made from higher-quality pieces of raw leather. When you see the one that has the perfect structure, and in fact, is completely uniform, and looks too perfect – then there is a possibility that such leather is not of good quality.

Special Effects

Even though pieces with special effects are in fashion – it is a matter of poor quality – most of that leather is not lacquered with special varnishes. Such shoes, for example, are very uncomfortable, the foot will sweat in them.

Errors And Damages

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Carefully review the item you are buying. There should be no tiny spots in certain parts, only certain types of leather have uniformly scattered bristle spots in the structure. Also, the more it is covered in color, the more likely the model will be less comfortable.

Water Test

Leather clothing and footwear should not swell when in contact with water. If this happens to you, return the product immediately.

How To Make Your Old Purse Look Like New?

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One of the favorite shopping a woman can make is to buy a good purse, right? We usually justify ourselves by saying, “This one will last for years.” But if you want your fashion favorite to last so long, you must maintain it the right way. The fact is, women are ready to pay big money for this accessory, but what if your bag loses its shape? What if it stretches, loses its color or shine. According to Von Baer, there is a solution. However, the way you store your bag is important. So here are some tips on how to make your old leather purse look new.

1. Protect the material

Want to prevent your bags from getting dirty and worn? Before this damage happens, protect your purse with the right products. Coat it with creams that will nourish them and treat the overturned parts with a spray.

2. Proper disposal

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When you dispose of your purse after entering the house, do you just negligently throw it in a corner or carefully place it in a box? If the first option is the answer – then it is time to change it. If you do not want the purse to lose shape quickly and warp, you must dispose of it properly. If you are removing bags for next season, pack them in a cotton bag or pillowcase and place them in a box. Do not leave it in plastic bags, as they create moisture that can damage the material.

3. Remove stains immediately

If you happen to have a stain on a purse or a pouch – react immediately. Immediate cleaning will prevent the stain from drying, making it difficult to remove it later.

4. Secure the seams

Never insert cosmetics and makeup directly into the pouch, but keep it in special bags that will protect it from spillage. Also, do not keep pencils and pens, as they can easily open and release ink that will affect the purse.

5. Maintenance of metal parts

The metal details on the purses are usually colored costume jewelry and will lose color over time. To prevent this, take colorless nail polish and coat the metal surfaces. If the color is already faded, take some baking soda, swirl it with water to obtain a thick paste and carefully rub the metal parts ONLY.

Maintenance Of Leather Items

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Leather garments need to be refreshed at least once a year. There are several protective, refreshing and painting products on the market. However, consult a professional or take your items to a specialist leather cleaning workshop. All these care products must be selected by a leather type and can be found in the form of a spray, cream or wax. For example, treated leather, which is often softened, coated, or lacquered, is treated differently than untreated leather. It is best to use special wipes and creams, or instead use a cotton cloth and a mild soap solution (foam, not water). The cloth should not be too wet, just lightly foamed. Pay special attention to snake and crocodile leather items. Clean snakeskin objects with a 1: 2 solution of lukewarm water and ammonia, then wipe dry with a cloth and allow them to dry in the sun. Crocodile leather items can be cleaned with castor oil, then wiped with a cloth and greased with a neutral shoe cream. Finally, smooth with a linen cloth.

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