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Reasons Why You Need A Professional Headshot For Your Career

Headshots were once portfolio pictures used for the C-suite personnel when applying for jobs at high-level companies. But that has all changed with the digitalization of our society. In today’s world, everything has become digitized. You can communicate and build a career online, but doing so requires you to have an impeccable CV. And one part of an online job application, one that is very important nowadays, is to have a professional headshot with it.

Social media platforms have become the go-to for job seekers, marketers, and different companies searching for hidden talent. If you’re conversant with having an online presence, then you would know that quality visuals are part of the key elements to be successful. This, however, doesn’t only apply to your social life, but also your professional life.

Since you can sell yourself and services on social media platforms like LinkedIn, having a quality picture of yourself is a must. Hence, you need a professional headshot.

Headshots are great for everyone now because you would most likely be judged first by your appearance before you’re called for an interview. Here’s why you should get one now;

  • A Positive First Impression

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Currently, social media is the first place a recruiter will most likely search for you after you apply for a job. Your headshot is the first thing they will come across before any other thing about you. Nowadays, companies employ professional headhunters that vet every single piece of your life. So chances are, they will come across your headshot and make their decision based on the first impression. Having a well-polished, professional photography headshot in Dubai, is a great way to create a first positive impression.

  • It Helps In Selling Yourself

The power of visuals is really underrated by many, especially since it might be all you need to get your next job. A great headshot helps tell your story and sells you as the perfect person for a certain job role.

The angle shot, as well as, your facial expression is all you need to convince a recruiter about you. It is important to seek the help of a professional photographer in Dubai when taking a headshot.

They will be able to give you an insight into the best location for your headshot based on your career prospects. But more importantly, a professional will help you pose for the shot, as well as determine which of the photos taken will help you the most for your next job.

  • It’s Great For Proper Brand Representation

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Representing your brand is one of the major ways to sell your company and services. It doesn’t matter if it’s a personal or professional brand, it needs adequate representation.

Your headshot can easily show up when anyone searches for your company on the internet. Now, imagine what a disaster it would be if a blurry selfie was to show up…

With professional headshot photography in Dubai, you align with your brand properly, while promoting it.

  • You’re Easily Remembered

According to research, the brain tends to retain visual memories better than those in words. A great picture as a headshot will make you remembered by potential employers or partners. Also, it will help you stand out from everyone else. How will it help you stand out, you might ask?

Well, as most people don’t have the time nor want to take a professional headshot, they usually do it by taking a selfie with their smartphones. Smartphones don’t have the same camera capabilities as a professional DSL camera. So no matter if you have an iPhone X, a professional camera will still be a better option. And the best way to have your headshot taken with a professional camera is to go to a professional.

Now that you have an insight into how important having a good headshot is, you need one. You could either hire aprofessional portrait and headshot photographers in Dubai. We recommend checking out The Photography Co’s website in Dubai, to get a look at well-taken portraits and headshots.

  • It’s Your Only Chance At Landing the Job

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Very few people get two shots at the same job and don’t think you’ll be one of those people. Opportunities come rarely in today’s world, so you should make the most of it. Since the digital world is moving fast, ordinary people can easily be replaced by others. On average, recruiting agents take around 8 seconds before they throw your CV away, and the same can be said about your headshot. So instead of risking by having a poor-quality headshot, why not contact a professional.

How Can You Take A Proper Headshot?

Taking a headshot by yourself might seem difficult, but with the help of a friend, you can achieve it. Just try the following steps;

  • Use A Tripod

If you don’t have a friend to help you out, you can always use a tripod and your phone camera with a timer. That way, you can strike a pose conveniently.

  • Use Natural Light

Great lighting is ideal to get great pictures. Natural light is preferable, so you can sit facing the window.

  • Use A Neutral Background

All headshots need a background. It is best to choose a neutral one; think brick wall. A clean background ensures your face is in focus.

  • Use A Photo Editing Program

Try editing out any issues with the picture and cropping it appropriately.

To Wrap It Up

With the right headshot, you can take your professional career from zero to a hundred in a short time. Give it a shot…

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