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No Access to Pure Water? No Access to a Healthy Life!

There is no life on the planet without water. All the cells, tissues, and organs of the body use it for proper bodily functions. We all have heard thousands of times that it is a primary and essential source for a healthy life. Still, a large number of people don’t have a proper intake thatis recommended. Our body constitutes 60% of water. It plays a dynamic role in the appropriate functioning of the body especially in the process of digestion, saliva formation, spreading of nutrients, maintenance of body temperature, absorption, and circulation. Insufficient intake of liquid leads to dehydration.

The proper recommended intake of liquid helps us in building up a strong metabolism system, aids cognitive functions, protects joints and spinal cord, boost energy level, increases muscle strength, reduces constipation, helps in the reduction of weight, and fights with hunger. The largest organ of our body is skin and a large amount of liquid is needed to keep it hydrated. Every one of us wants to have smooth, fresh, full of glow, soft,and wrinkle-free skin and proper water intake is the only secret to skin issues.

Why is Bottled Rainwater the best?

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The most abundant source on the earth is water but only 3% of it is fresh, of which only 1% is available for consumption. It means 1% for a large population and most of the people have no access to pure drinking liquid. In such a situation, the best source of drink is Rainwater which is 100% natural and pure.

It is the healthiest and purest form available for us and is free from all the pollutants and dangerous compounds because it is gathered before it comes in contact with the ground. The soil is contaminated and consists of harmful compounds and substances that are damaging to health. The liquid available in our homes somehow passes by with that soil. That’s why most of us have to use filter one or at least boil that water before drinking. Water filters have become an important part of every kitchen and has some good suggestions about it.

Terrifying facts about plastic bottled water

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Just think that the liquid which you are sipping from the bottle is giving an adverse effect to the body? Does this thought terrify you? The next common issue is the packaging of bottled water. Most of the liquid is packed in plastic bottles which are dreadful for wild and marine life. Marine animals are killed every year. They mistakenly consume plastic litter considering it their food. When plastic is once consumed it cannot be digested. The litter stays in the gut and digestion of food becomes difficult.This process leads to a very slow and painful death. When an animal dies after eating plastic, it is freed into the marine environment that in return affects wildlife.

Not only animals, but it is also dangerous to an extreme level for human beings too. An industrial chemical is used to make plastic named BPA. It stands for bisphenol A. It seeps out from the liquid bottle and has many adverse effects on the human body.

BPA and its concerns

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BPA is a synthetic compound that is commonly used but its side effects are countless.  It affects the behavior of kids. It also disrupts the functioning of body cells and disturbs hormonal functions. It interrupts brain functions, growth of cells, development of fetal, and reproduction. It is an emerging threat to infertility in males and females.  In the case of reproduction, it results in less egg production in females. Most of all, it affects fertility in both women and men.

It reacts with hormone receptors and can cause thyroid issues. It also causes blood pressure, cancer, and diabetic issues. The obesity rate is increasing daily because of its consumption. The other common diseases caused because of it are PCOS, Asthma, weak immune system, and premature deliveries. There are sufficient numbers of diseases caused by it. The use of it should be completely banned because it is not harming a single entity; it is harming every single entity on earth whether it is animal, human beings, or our environment.

Find a real solution for the real-world problem

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The modern world has solutions for every problem and for this problem we have explored aluminum bottles for packaging of water instead of a plastic bottle. People are now concerned and aware of environmental issues. They have experienced devastating changes in the environment and now they care about Mother Nature.

According to Water Filter Way, part of care is the use of an aluminum bottle that is environment friendly and safe. They can be recycled easily and is reusable. They are the safest option for storing water or other drinks. Easy to carry and light in weight. It helps to keep water fresh, free from contaminants, and preserves the taste. They benefit us most and cost less. These strong and durable bottles are far better for health as compare to plastic bottles.

Have a luxurious treat at Austin

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Consumers pay a large amount for bottled water because they’re having premium class drink. Companies should stop misleading the people by giving just a basic filtered water bottle by using the name of pure healthy water. Consumers need to be well aware of what kind of liquid they’re having. No doubt that luxurious aluminum bottled rainwater is the healthiest, pure, and best choice that can be delivered on the doorstep on just one call.

When delivery service is used, there is at least one less thing to worry about that is going to fill water and filling those heavy bottles. In busy routines, it is very difficult to go out because you’re running short of drinking bottles. Just set up your delivery schedule and your work is done. Daily, weekly, monthly delivery services are offered; choose that best suits you and your schedule. Water is surely our life which we need to treat right. Drop Down your worries and get a luxurious bottled water treat at Austin. Click here for more info.

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