Do Cases Really Protect Your Phone – 2024 Guide

Everyone these days is linked with technology. Previously people used to have landlines with wired connections. As technology progressed so did the landlines. Nowadays everyone owns a cell phone. A pocket device that contains the whole world in it. This small device laid the foundations of progress.

Being pocket-friendly is its one aspect, you can even talk to people who live miles away from you. You can talk, text, and even facetime whenever you want, of course, with the availability of a stable internet connection. These gadgets are now being owned by over 7.1 billion people in the entire world and these statistics are likely to increase tenfold by 2024. Be it a child, a teenager, an adult, or an elderly person, each group has access to it and it has made our lives much simpler and easier to deal with. Some have one of the most expensive ones while some own simpler ones to carry out their daily work.

Your life really turns upside down when you no longer have access to it. Our lives are filled with people who get paranoid when their mobile breaks or malfunctions. It is as if their whole life revolves around them. Though we cannot disagree with this fact because it really is such a phenomenal invention. No wonder people are addicted to it.

This article is solely dedicated to people who want to protect their mobiles at all costs. The thing that protects a mobile from any scratch or dust is termed as a “Phone Case” because of the fact that you literally put your phone in a case the same way you put your glasses in a case. is here to give you an insight regarding the advantages of cell cases and how often they really protect them.

Studies and researches have shown that half of the people who own mobiles have either lost them or broke them. Some even got stolen. There are many ways in which a gadget won’t function properly. Some of them are screens being scratched, people spilling their drinks on them, dropping the phone from the stairs, and even dropping them into the toilets, damn. But hey, worry not, as we’re here to solve your problems.

The pros are a lot more than the cons when it comes to mobile cases. Since our phone is a literal source of constant knowledge and information, a source that provides you with entertainment whenever you feel down, such a source must be protected at all costs. This is where the cases come in.

Our mobile is like our brain where we store all the memories we make throughout our lives. This is where a long-lasting, durable, and firm case comes into play to make sure that your cell, a device you bought with much investment, stays protected from all sorts of damages.

The fragility of mobiles:


The authentic figure shows that “Breakage of mobile phones is 50% if slipped from the hand”. This is why this article is intended for people who have a habit of breaking their mobiles unintentionally. First of all, the majority of the people, i.e. 50%, break or shatter their cells when in use. A phone is prone to damage unless you take good care of it.

It is likely to be out of order if you don’t take care of it.

It doesn’t matter where you are, in the office, in town, at home, at a bus station, or someplace else, your phone is always at the risk of falling and breaking. One throw, one slip of the hand, and your mobile is gone. That is how fragile this invention and this gadget is. In order to eradicate the risk factor, cases come along as they are the ones who then experience the blow in order to protect your mobile.

1- Cases protect your screen:

Let us talk about our homes. Let’s suppose you are in the kitchen making dinner while watching a recipe from YouTube with the help of your gadget. What possibly could happen? You can touch your screen with greasy hands, your food-smeared fingers may possibly leave a smudge on your screen which won’t wipe away easily. Had your mobile been protected with a screen case, the ruin could’ve been stopped in its initial stages. That’s another advantage of using a mobile case.

2- Different types of cases:


There are two different types of mobile cases. Hard cases and Soft cases. We shall tell you about them both as to which one is better for your phone when it comes to safety.

3- Hard cases:

Hard covers are incorporated with ABS plastic as well as resin. In some of the cases, these hard covers also come with tempered glass as well as metal parts to make your cell as safe as possible. Hard covers have good insulation, covers don’t lose their shape easily, and even have slimmer designs. The only drawbacks are the ones such as they don’t offer a strong grip, their shock absorption is weak, and also conduct heat poorly.

4- Soft cases:


As far as soft cases are concerned, they are made up of simple plastic, silicone, or leather. They are slimmer than the hard covers and give you the space to put your little cards inside them as well. These covers can lose grip easily if you use them for longer periods of time. Their plus points definitely will be perfect shock absorption and excellent conduction of heat.

5- Combo cases:

There are some combo cases as well that feature both the characteristics of hard and soft cases. If one can get their hands on these cases, we can say with surety that their phones won’t get scratches or break easily.

Therefore, I shall conclude this article by saying that cases DO protect your cell against scratches and breakage. They are the ones that can provide your gadget with a better life that longs a while after all no one wants a phone that breaks away easily. I hope you loved the article. Best of luck in buying the best case available for your mobiles.

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