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How to Protect Your Home from Raccoon

Previously raccoon removal companies were not so common, and so was the problem. Over time the problem is becoming intense. The properties, including warehouses, restaurants, buildings, etc., are being invaded by raccoons daily. The solution to the problem is now just one call away. Several raccoon removal companies are offering their services 24/7 to help people out. When someone is a hundred percent assure or even doubtful of a raccoon’s existence. Then they should contact the raccoon removal company immediately. The company will come up with a licensed plan to get rid of raccoons. However, do not try to resolve the matter yourself. Wild animals are heavy, strong, and powerful such that they can react in any way anytime; therefore, precautionary measures should be taken before a hand. Some of them may carry diseases that could be transferred to human beings. A free estimate of the cost of service is provided on a phone call by most companies. For further details, browse this site. Some people make the mistake of using dogs to flee away from the raccoons. This turns out to be a bad idea because raccoons are three times more powerful than dogs, and raccoons are more likely to win this battle. However, there are some breeds of dogs that are exceptional cases. At the same time, they are a bit expensive to keep.

Signs of an Infestation

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You might not be able to see raccoons roaming around in the day time. Because naturally, they are more active at night. Therefore, to detect their existence, one needs to know their signs carefully. There are multiple signs to identify raccoons around your house. Most of the raccoon invasion related signs are both viewable and hearable. Some of the most common ones are mentioned below:

  • Damaging walls, power cables, roofs, wood, insulation, etc.
  • Presence of nest, urine stains, and feces.
  • Raid in the house.
  • Garbage scattered over.
  • Pawprints of raccoons in a lawn.
  • Home garden damaged without any reason.
  • Hearing loud banging due to raccoon movement.

The homeowners can take some precautionary measures to prevent raccoon attacks in the first step. Any entry point (roof, uncapped chimneys, holes, vents, etc.) of a house should be sealed perfectly for ideal results. A mesh cover could be placed over chimneys, and shingles along with siding should be tightly secured. By taking all these precautionary measures across exposed openings will prevent raccoons from invading your property. Trash of the house should be disposed-off properly in such containers that are locked properly. The wild animals should not be able to open the bags or bins. Fountains, bird feeders, and bird seeds also attract raccoons and make them stay for longer. Try to keep your yard as clean as possible.

Utilizing Raccoon Repellants

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In the past, common people used to repel raccoons using homemade repellants based upon strong offensive flavors concerning taste, and some had a strong offensive smell. These repellants were named taste repellant and smell repellant, respectively. With the advancement in technology, these repellants were automated. Initially, electronic repellants were used. The problem with them was that they spray water after some specific time interval to get rid of raccoons. But now the water is becoming more and more precious so, the idea provided is not much appreciated by many. Therefore, mesh or wire fencing is introduced. It is a cost-effective approach but may not yield as many satisfying results as expected. Wooden or PVC fencing is a bit more expensive than mesh fencing. It works more effectively and helps to keep raccoons away. Some companies are offering electric fencing too. But this approach is way too expensive for everyone to afford. Different ways are adopted in different packages by the companies; to provide ease to the customers. Multiple methods could be combined depending upon the situation and the budget.

Use of Traps for Raccoon Removal

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The setting of traps requires high-level expertise for positive results. These traps consist of a mesh of metallic wires. Some of them are used to trap the animal, and later the animal is carried out by the company and killed somewhere else. However, some traps are set, that the animal is captured in the trap until killed. The common practice involves two-door traps. The reason behind two-door traps is that the prey does not enter the trap unless it finds an exit. Once the raccoons enter the trap and start moving towards the bait, the doors are shut immediately. When the raccoons are trapped, they become aggressive. Therefore, a wildlife expert is required to deal with the situation. One can get access to these experts by contacting raccoon removal companies. The killing of raccoons is not allowed in some countries as they consider them a fur-bearing animal. Therefore, the company offering raccoon removal should be well aware of the country’s laws. And is supposed to be licensed by the government. The killing of a raccoon should not be, done brutally. The use of chemicals and shooting is prohibited and not the solution to the problem.

Which Raccoon Control Company to Choose?

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The chosen company should have experience of at least ten years or more in the field. The prices offered for a package must be as less as possible. The team provided by the company must hold expertise in wildlife. The removal of specific pests must be ensured. It means the company should not leave the project in between. The success rate of the company should be very high. This could be ensured by Google ratings and feedback provided by customers. The company must hold a license from the government. Latest, safe, and environmentally friendly products should be used for raccoon removal. The products used must not harm kids, adults, and other pets. The service provided by the company must be fast enough to respond in time. Written guarantee of their claim must be provided before a hand. The service should be just one call away.

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