How To Prepare My Garage For EV

The more popular EV becomes, the more we will see charging points available to use at home and even in some garages. There are numerous benefits to an electric car, but the biggest benefit for most is probably cost; they’re cheaper to buy and run.

And if your garage is within a reasonable range from where you live and work, the initial purchase price of an EV is also likely to be more attractive than a standard petrol/diesel vehicle. There’s also a variety of EVs coming on stream with batteries that can last up to 400 miles which means it should be possible to go longer distances without having to recharge your car!

Are You Ready To Go Electric?

As consumers become more aware and concerned about the environment, car manufacturers are fast-tracking their research into electric vehicles (EV). To date, there’s been a range between 120-220 km for an EV but with new generation models coming on the stream they’re now getting up to around 300 kilometers or greater! In the UK alone there is already a high adoption rate with an estimated 60% EV fleet by 2030!

Potentially the biggest factor that’s driving the rise of EV is a huge investment in research and development. This has seen a variety of new models coming on stream by big-name manufacturers such as Porsche, BMW, and Hyundai to name just a few. This means that an increasing number of people are now seriously considering EVs as a more viable option.

EV Preparation


Consideration should always be given to safety when installing electric vehicles in garages. One of the main safety considerations is ensuring that the garage can be used as safely as possible, without causing any potential problems or accidents due to poor design choices. And if you are planning on installing electric vehicle charging points in your garage, it’s important to make sure this won’t cause issues with building regulation compliance. In case you are installing an EV Charge Point in your garage, it is advisable to find a company that does this installation because there are just too many things that can go wrong. According to Applegarth, more and more homeowners are looking to add an EV charge point for their electric vehicles, which is quite an encouraging thing.

Climate Control


Other important factors when preparing your garage for an EV include insulation and ventilation. This is because EVs can produce a large amount of heat during recharging which may make certain areas in the garage uncomfortable. If your garage is not well ventilated and insulated, then you will need to consider how this may impact your comfort within the space.

You may also want to consider what surfaces would be most suitable for recharging points. Considering that these points can become quite hot during charging, it makes sense to place them on certain types of surfaces. It might be worth considering having a specific area where they can be installed and the type of flooring, walls, and ceiling you will need to use.

Your garage will require insulation if you want it to be a suitable space for charging your electric vehicle. The heat emitted from an EV while recharging can make certain parts of the garage uncomfortable without proper insulation.

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Foot traffic areas


You should opt for a smooth and even surface to avoid accidents caused by tripping while moving in and out of the house. You need to consider this carefully when designing your garage, especially if there’s going to be more than one person living in the house.

If you’re planning on adding charging points to your garage, then you should consider what surfaces are best for recharging points. For example, some materials will become quite hot during charging and therefore you might need to use specific types of walls and flooring.

Finally, it’s worth noting that if the surface doesn’t provide an even level, then this could result in damage to the car. This is because the car may become misaligned, which could affect how it works and its performance.

It’s also a good idea to consider your ventilation options when insulating your garage. This is because EVs release a considerable amount of heat when recharging and this can cause issues if the garage isn’t properly ventilated. If you want to add charging points to your garage, then it might be worth having ventilation built into the design.

Wiring & Circuit Breakers


If you are looking to acquire an electric car soon, then it’s time to start thinking about your garage. If you have a garage, you will need to consider how it could be better suited to charging an EV. One of the first things you should do is check if there’s enough electricity available. If your home and garage are powered by the same fuse box, then improving electrical distribution and capacity may be necessary for ensuring that your garage can accommodate an EV.

Another thing you need to consider is the positioning of the charging points. If you are looking at installing new ones, it might be worth considering where the vehicle will need to park to reach them. Before installing electric vehicle charging points in your garage, you should research how much power they require and if there will be any issues with circuit breakers at home. This is because the current strength can vary depending on the battery and EV type that you own.

You might want to consider switching out your existing circuit breaker for a more advanced product when installing high-powered charging points in your garage. If you don’t, it might trip the circuit breaker and cause serious problems. By taking a look at the current EV market, it shouldn’t be too long before these electric vehicles become more mainstream.

In many ways this seems inevitable as there’s been a huge investment in research and development on a global scale to find new ways of making EVs more efficient. As EVs become more common, there will likely be even greater access to charging stations. This means it will be simple to charge your car at home and in public, which again should help them become more popular and mainstream.

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