5 Tips For Predicting Football Matches Accurately

Ever since it appeared as a way to spend time and became a legitimate hobby, sports betting has been intriguing the minds of gamblers. The very idea of it implies watching others play a sporting activity and hoping for the best. It was clear early on that not a lot can be done on the end of the bettor because they are just a fan, a passionate enthusiast who backs up their claims with money and hopes to win more. In terms of fun and the adrenalin rush, sports betting is right up there with the best. It elevates the whole sports fan persona of the bettor and allows them to have more stakes on the game.

However, for those who wish to win more constantly or even have their gambling be a steady source of income, there is more that needs to exist apart from passive watching and waiting. In terms of football, by far the most popular sport to bet on, there are actually things you can do to increase your chances and accurately predict the outcome of a match. In this article, we will be talking about this and revealing to you the best tips related to it. Read on to find out more and if you want to learn additional information about sports betting and bet at home, check out

1. Following the Sport


It may come to you as a surprise, but you have to understand football and follow it constantly if you want to predict a match more accurately. You have to be a passionate fan of this sport if you expect to be good at predicting the final outcome. Only the fans who constantly watch games and who are engaged in it in more ways than gambling can expect more accurate betting. Say you like the Premier League and are a fan of Manchester City. Well, if you want to win your betting tickets, you simply have to know everything about the league and the team before you can gamble. This not only implies who they play against, but what form the opponent is in currently and what position they hold on the table. And this needs to happen for every league, cup, and team you enjoy betting on. Speaking on what you bet on…

2. Bet on What You Know

Similar to what we discussed above, you should never really bet on national leagues and other competitions that you know nothing about. Every country has a football league and a football cup, that much is certain. However, not everyone plays football at a high level and not all of the matches are viable betting options. Do not get out of your way and bet on smaller markets and unfamiliar teams. You want to better predict the game after all and win money in the process. This cannot be done if you wager on a team you never heard of in a league you are just now finding out about. Stick to the bigger leagues and the popular teams who sign the bigger names in the football world. They are easier to track, there is more news about them, and you can place more types of bets. In addition to all of this, try to focus on a few football leagues and do not spread your attention, and focus on too many of them.

3. Advanced Stats and Outside Factors


While the sport itself is the most obvious thing you should know, and although you have to be familiar with the team, the players, and the importance of the match, there are many other stats worth checking out and having in mind. For example, the weather conditions can significantly affect the outcome of the game. Home court advantage is one of the biggest factors in any sport so think about who is the home team and who is the away team. How many goals to the teams usually score against each other and what are their ball possession percentages when they meet? Season to season stats change all the time so what was relevant last year could no longer be important now. Injured and suspended players, stars who are dominating and scoring like never before, all of these things need to be thought about. If you account for them while you make the bets, you will be able to make a better-educated guess and expect to win.

4. Team Calendars and Lineups

Just prior to the game as well as throughout the entire season, you have to know who the team plays not only that day but the next time around, and the time after that. Not every team has the same calendar, or rather, equally different stretches of the season where they play the better teams. Some get it at the start or the end of the season, while others may get the rough stretch in the middle. Also, there needs to be some attention put to the starting lineups and the bench players registered for the match. Not all games are of equal importance. For example, Real Madrid could decide to bring out their younger players to develop them more if they are playing the bottom team that has been struggling the entire season. This instantly puts Real at a disadvantage because the stars from the usual starting eleven are resting and cheering on from the stands. Things like these impact the game in more ways than one, which further means that they impact your chances of winning money from your bets as well.

5. Transfer Market, Signings, Deals, Contracts


Last but not least, you need to know about the changes in the teams and which players have moved teams during the offseason. In the world of football, the offseasons and transfer windows can be as important and as exciting as the season itself. Stars constantly switch teams and shift the balance of power. This has implications for the domestic leagues, but also for UEFA competitions like the Champions League and Europa League. Knowing what type of contract Neymar is on may help you better assess his approach and readiness for the entire season. Knowing that Messi joined him at PSG and that FC Barcelona is now a wholly different squad is huge. The team has brought in a number of other stars which not only helps you better predict their games but also lets you know that other teams lost their starts and should be slightly weaker than a year ago. It all matters in the world of football.

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