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Best Practices Every Man Should Know when Applying Cologne Spray

If someone offers you a perfume for Christmas chances are they don’t come with a notice. Few men only master the art of fragrance application. So how and where do you spray cologne? Here I will show you the best way to apply scent even if you’re not graduated from a perfumery school.

Where to apply

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It’s good to know that cologne is usually the less concentrated perfume. An Eau de cologne has a 2% to 4% concentration of fragrance. An Eau de toilette has a fragrance concentration of between 5% and 15%. So it’s important to make the most of it by applying correctly.

Fragrance should be applied to the pulse points. The body heat generated by pulse points helps intensify the scent. Pulse points are situated on the wrists, neck and behind the ears. I often see people spraying in the air and walking straight into the perfume. The problem is that you end up losing a lot of perfume and we don’t want this.

It’s always best to apply fragrances with your body washed. Otherwise, scents can be mixed with your body odor and it will be worse. If the body washes you use have scents, it may also end up mixing or totally cover up your perfume.

How to apply cologne

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  1. Spray one-two times on one wrist. Now you have cologne on your wrist
  2. Touch your wrists together a couple of times, don’t rub it
  3. Apply with your wrist on your neck, jawline and behind your ears.


  1. Spray one-two times on the front and back of your neck. You can also spray on your chest.
  2. Spray one time behind your ears.
  3. (Bonus) Spray only on your hair and shirt to last longer.

How much is too much

How much fragrance you put will also depend on where you live. Each culture is different, and so the number of perfume people put. For example, in the Middle East, a very hot climate, they wear a lot of scents. The perfume market is very large and they tend to wear fragrances that are dense and loud.

If you don’t want to offend people nostrils by wearing too many scents, throw your cheap cologne. If you wear a fragrance that is very nice, well made, high quality, there will be no problem.

Tips to take it to the next level

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Always test by gradually increasing how much cologne you put. You can start with one application and if it’s too weak next time put more.

After you have applied the perfume, alcohol will evaporate and only the fragrance will stay. Cologne will usually last 2 to 3 hours. Heat also accelerates the evaporation of perfume, so in summer scents will be stronger.

If you wash a lot your hands during the day, the fragrance can start to vanish from your wrist. So apply somewhere else.

Have you mastered the art?

If you tend your arm in front of you, people outside your arm perimeter shouldn’t be able to smell the cologne. They would need and want to enter the perimeter.

If your date is leaning towards you, it’s a good sign you have mastered the art of applying perfume.

How to choose fragrance unique to you

Now that we saw the best practice to apply perfume, you don’t want to apply any cologne. Every man is not made the same, fragrance either. You need to find one that fits your body scents, your lifestyle and something that add to your uniqueness. Your physiology may change how strong the scent is.

While there are so many choices, there are only a few things to look for when shopping for perfume. You need to see if you want something that lasts more time, something stronger or softer.

You can add Creed Aventus colognes on your favorite list, visit here when shopping online. When you shop between their list of cologne every question you might have is already answered. They make the process easier and with a lesser chance of choosing the wrong fragrance.

Learning to apply perfume make life easier

Applying cologne is not some magic trick reserved for a small group of people. The process is easy, you just need to avoid putting too much or in the wrong area. If after reading this page you fell in love with fragrance applications go here to find some good smelling perfumes.

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