PPC Ad Extensions: What They Are and How to Use Them Efficiently

Making the perfect ad might seem sufficient for successful marketing, but that is barely enough. You may notice mini hyperlinks below the top-rated ads in google search. For productive marketing, you must follow the trend and upgrade your ad with ad extensions. Today’s adwords agency Chicago post is about detailing the available most helpful Google extensions and discussing their benefits.

What are Google ad extensions?

Google ad extensions are extensions of your ad that provide more information about your product, location, site links, seller rating, and other features that improve ad experience and increase click-through rates. These extensions are attached to the body of your text ad. Google ad extensions are automatically performed depending on the subject of the search. These special add-ons boost ad performances, increase user engagement and add value to Google’s search engine result page. The most useful and worthy ad extensions are:

1. Location Extension

Location extension adds the physical address of your business, provides information about the locality of your commerce, and displays it on Google Maps. If you demand to attract more foot traffic to your store, this is a great extension that shows your exact location by clicking on the address.

Thus, this ad delivers a business star rating on Google’s My Business profile.

2. Promotion Extension


This extension highlights the currently running business promotions, clicking on the promotion extension will drive the user to the promoting page directly and can be scheduled to turn off and on automatically by a determined date and time. The advantages of this extension are convenient for the business with seasonal and holiday sales.  Promotion extension is promoting the discount, and highering the chances of a user clicking by pushing the offers. The only downside of this extension is that it doesn’t involve just any promotion but only on major occasions. The available list of incorporated dates is in Google’s documents.

3. Sitelink Extension

Elevates the click-through rate of search ads, takes visitors to the viral pages directly, and each site link can have a two-line description. This extension allows advertisers to attach the additional link of their preeminent pages of the website directly to the ad. The diapason of displayed site links is two to six. This function improves the ad and user experience by providing additional information or values.

4. Lead Form Extension

Lead Form extension is the alternative to clicking the call button with various distinct call-to-action buttons. The lead form stimulates the users to submit contact information without the phone call by sending the inquiry. After clicking the clipboard icon, the user is directed to the page with the form to fill. If the user has a Google account, Google will shorten this procedure by autocompleting the fields with existing users’ information. This approach increases the chances for the user to submit the form and to successful conversion. The downside of this extension is the possibility of low-quality leads. Exposing the form without requesting to enter the website can provide fake leads from bots, accidental, or online wandering people.

4. Callout Extension


This extension highlights the features and beneficial selling characteristics of the product or services. It means that advertisers can impart the specific qualities of the product or service in two to six non-clickable callouts depending on the space. Description in callout space allows up to 25 characters. This contributes to spotlighting the most quality segments of their product or service eye-catching and increasing attention.

5. Call Extension

Call extension that, unlike lead form, encourages users to phone call the business. Some types of businesses prefer or depend on call leads, and this extension is designed to significantly increase the chances for the user to make a call. Call extension is more appropriate for mobile devices rather than desktop computers. Regardless, this extension is useful in both cases as it is the only way for your phone number to be displayed in Google ads.

6. Affiliate location Extension

Similar to location extension, this ad extension also provides the locality but it’s particularly useful for businesses with many physical locations, franchises, manufacturers, and chain stores. By directing the user to the business location nearest the user’s location, the affiliate location can show up to four nearby localities of the commerce.

7. App Extension


This extension has various uses, it animates the users to download a mobile application, and displays a call button and button that redirects to the Play store or business application. In this manner, the App extension is the call for action button of the obtained ad. It is a straightforward and quick way to download the app in today’s applications heavy assist in conversion.

8. Structured Snippets Extension

Structured Snippets allow advertisers to peak and highlight some aspects of the product or service in up to two different snippets per ad. This extension provides a clear idea of your commerce. There are various structured snippet headers are available to choose from categories like models, styles, types, etc.

9. Price Extension

This extension provides up to eight pricing cards within the ad, while clicking on the price directs the user to a distinct section of the website. With this extension, potential customers can get the price information without proceeding to the website. Prices displayed with the ad encourages users to make a click, especially if your prices are competitive.

10. Seller Rating Extension


Seller rating extension provides a seller rating on various forms by external reviews from credible sources. The beneficial aspect of this extension is increasing trust, reputation, and click-through rates. This extension is automatically added to all registered online businesses and displays the rating by stars. The rating is counted by reliable third-party sources and occurs on a scale of one to five stars.

Final Thoughts

We hope that this article gave you the idea of the importance of ad extensions for a successful ad campaign. Add several of these extensions as they don’t cost a thing while ensuring that the ad gets clicks. These extra segments improve your ad quality while serving the cause of bringing quality leads, increasing SERP, engagement, and conversion.

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