Portugal Golden Visa ─ Your Path to EU Citizenship

Portugal Golden Visa program is a unique offer on the market. EU countries practically do not offer citizenship by investment: Cyprus program is suspended, and the Serbian residence permit is a potential opportunity (the country is about to join the EU, but it is not there). The only real possibility is Malta, but the requirements are quite high: you should have at least one million dollars to part with. Portugal Golden Visa will not require exorbitant investments and has a clear path to citizenship, which makes it a truly outstanding offer.

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Golden Visa ─ Your Takeaways


The program designed by Portugal became a best-seller, and the authorities even introduced some restrictions in 2022. However, it has not lost any of its appeal, and you can take advantage of the following:

  • Reasonable investment amount ─ There are eight investment options. Some of them are non-refundable, but in this case, the amount is quite accessible. Considering those that can be refunded, like acquiring real estate in Portugal, you should know that you will be able to return your money by reselling it in 5 years and even get a profit as the real estate market in Portugal is booming. As for investments in business, they are refundable – however, everything depends on you!
  • Citizenship prospects for all family members ─ The Portuguese family-friendly program allows the principal applicant to acquire a legal right to stay in Portugal for all loved ones. This means great prospects for your children as they can get access to high-quality secondary and higher European education at reduced rates.
  • Travel to Schengen countries ─ The Golden Visa holders will have no need for any other visa if they enter the Schengen area – besides, the time of staying is not limited in any way.
  • You will not be tied to Portugal. You will only have to stay in the country for 7 days a year (along with all dependents) to keep the Golden Visa valid, and you can think of it as a holiday that you can spend on the beach.
  • Always on the white list. Portugal is a member of the European Union and OECD, the organizations that make decisions to blacklist some countries and thus restrict their potential. As you may surmise, it will hardly ever vote against its interests. As a result, you can keep calm about your business and accounts in Portugal.
  • An important step to citizenship. The Portuguese program gained popularity in 2015 when the requirements were lowered, and many Golden Visa holders have become citizens by now. If you obtain a Portuguese passport, you will be able to choose any EU country to live and work in (Switzerland and several other destinations will also be open to you).
  • You will definitely admire the Portuguese way of life! This is a laid-back region with hospitable locals where you will find tasty food and wine and enjoy good weather and the seaside.



Here are some conditions to fulfill to be eligible for the Golden Visa program. However, they are not very tough as Portugal is interested in potential contributors:

  • No doubt, you are required to own the capital you can invest in Portuguese real estate or business projects (or you have to be an entrepreneur who can provide jobs to local residents).
  • You (as the main applicant) and all the dependents you include in the application should have no history of convictions.
  • You should have no history of being turned down by EU embassies on some serious grounds.
  • The funds you intend to invest in Portugal must come from a legitimate source, and you will need to furnish relevant proof.
  • If you include adult children in your application, they should be dependent on you financially (studying at a college, for example), and you will have to provide a proper document.
  • Make sure to obtain health coverage valid throughout your stay in Portugal (applies to each family member).
  • As we said before, you will have to reside 7 days in Portugal to retain your Golden Visa.
  • If you choose to invest in some Portuguese assets, you are required to hold them for 5 years before reselling to retain your residence permit.

Options Available to Investors


You can choose one of eight ways of investing in the economy of Portugal. And if you want to get a discount, you can reduce any investment by 20% if you choose a sparsely populated or underdeveloped zone of the country.

Opt for the best way to invest:

  • Invest at least 1,500,000 euros in securities, equity, or public debt, or keep the same amount in the bank as a deposit.
  • Provide 10 jobs to Portuguese residents.
  • Buy a piece of real estate priced at 500,000 euros at a minimum. Please visit the above link to discover the areas where you can buy housing as some extremely popular zones are under restrictions.
  • Purchase a real property that is at least 30 years old to pay for its renovation. The overall sum should total 350,000 euros: that is, you can buy a villa at 280,000 euros, for example, and invest 70,000 in its renovation.
  • Invest 500,000 euros in R&D or investment/venture funds.
  • Put 250,000 euros into artistic production/national heritage reconstruction.
  • Invest 500,000 in your business and create 5 jobs for the locals.

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