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Polished Concrete Floors Can Make a Better Home: Here’s How

Flooring isn’t just about aesthetics or about finding the cheapest option. It can also be about finding something that improves the overall state of your home – making it more beautiful, more cohesive, healthier, and easier to manage and maintain. And polished concrete is a great candidate for all of these things. It has a number of advantages that you cannot get from any other flooring material, all of which contribute to making your home a better place to live in for you and your family. Installation can also be a simple and easy process when you choose the right concrete contractors in Houston TX. So if you’re looking for one, companies like may help you get a beautiful job done.

So what can you get from polished cemented floors? Here are the 7 ways it can improve your entire home:

1. Polished concrete makes your home hypoallergenic

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Most people may not be aware that your flooring choice can affect you and your family’s allergies and overall health. For example, a home with carpeted flooring that holds on to dust and other debris (even with thorough vacuuming) can lead to excessive sneezing and general discomfort if it triggers an allergy. The great thing about polished concrete is that because dust does not cling to it, it is essentially hypoallergenic. It is also easier to clean, so any dog hair or cat hair that could potentially trigger a guest with an allergy can be very quickly cleaned up. This makes your home both better and healthier for anyone who comes into your home.

2.It improves the quality of your home’s indoor air

Air quality can greatly affect you and your family’s health. And because outdoor air can be quite toxic and dangerous for our health, it is all the more important to make sure your indoor air is the best it can be. Flooring can affect a home’s indoor quality as some flooring materials available on the market can be host to toxic molds, which can lead to various illnesses. Because concrete is neither warm nor vulnerable to moisture, it is not typically a great breeding ground for toxic mold or any other kind of substance that can inhibit the quality of your indoor air. So you can be sure that with polished concrete, you’ll have a home that is safe to breathe in.

3. Helps reduce the chances you will be exposed to dangerous chemicals

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There are many flooring materials on the market that can emit dangerous chemicals, both in the material itself and in the things that need to be used for installation, such as the adhesives used. For example, synthetic carpeting, which is a very popular flooring material, can emit something called volatile organic compounds, which can negatively affect the quality of your indoor air. Some kinds of vinyl and linoleum and the adhesives used to install them have also tested positive for VOCs in the past. So what is the best solution? Concrete floors do not emit VOCs because nothing used to install or treat them contain any harmful chemicals. That’s why it is the preferred choice for hospitals, cafeterias, and commercial kitchens.

4. Polished concrete is pet-friendly for all your fur children

As one can imagine, flooring that is not a host to toxic mold nor full of dangerous chemicals is great for your pets, especially since our pets spend almost all of their time indoors. But switching to polished concrete floors does more than that for animals. Cleaning after your pet’s fur or accidents is much easier when you switch to polished ones as a simple wet mop can clean everything up. This also ensures that any family members prone to pet allergies will have an easier time in your home as well. The clean and smooth texture of a polished cemented floor can also help make their walking and running easier on their paws. Overall, polished concrete is a great pet-friendly option for concerned pet owners.

5. It is an aesthetically pleasing choice that can brighten up your entire home

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Polished concrete floors are a favorite flooring option for minimalist and modern homeowners. The reason is simple: cemented floors are, at once, durable, long-lasting, stain-resistant, and beautiful. They offer simplistic beauty to floors that speak of modern elegance. And the way the concrete is polished by contractors Houston TX and elsewhere gives the floors a slight reflectivity, allowing brightness from the sun and from artificial lights to bounce off the floors and give brightness to your home. Not only does this make a home look better and more open, but a light-filled home has also been known to improve the emotional and mental capacities of the people living inside. So if you’re looking floors that are simple but effective, polished concrete can be installed by skilled contractors.

6. Polished concrete makes for floors that are easier to clean and easier to maintain

For homeowners who want to spend as little time as possible on cleaning and keeping their floors in the best possible condition, concrete floors have always been the foremost suggestion. But even bare concrete floors can sometimes be hard to maintain because of its vulnerability to oil and chemical stains. But by choosing stained cement floors, it ensures that the porous nature of bare concrete is sealed off and made stain-resistant to oils, chemicals, and any other spills. That means that cleaning your polished cemented floors will only take minutes as a broom can be used to sweep up any dust or dirt and a wet mop can help remove more stubborn dirt that has stuck to the floors.

7. It is more affordable compared to other flooring materials

It may be a surprise to many people that, despite all the incredible advantages that come with polished cemented floors, they are actually an affordable and cost-effective flooring choice to make for your home. This is large because concrete is a one-material installation, which means that it makes up the base as well as the surface, cutting down on other costs. And though the results are fabulous, polishing concrete is a relatively simple and straightforward process.

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