Discover Plinko ─ A Modern Twist on Classic Arcade Fun

Similar to many crash-style games, Plinko adheres to a minimalist approach. The game’s premise is simple. A ball navigates through an arrangement of pins, and your prize hinges on the final compartment it lands in.

Plinko, a popular attraction in crypto casinos, presents a contemporary digital adaptation of a game originating from the 1983 edition of “The Price is Right“, which drew inspiration from Japan’s beloved pachinko machines.

The interface showcases a pyramid composed of white dots—resembling pins—accompanied by a lineup of colored compartments positioned at the base. The balls, larger circles accessible in three different colors, traverse the arrangement in an engaging manner, rebounding off the pins and altering their trajectory. You have the freedom to select your preferred ball colors, be it one or all three.


This choice has more significance than mere aesthetics. The Red balls offer the highest payout yet entail a potential for greater losses. This mirrors the concept of opting for a high volatility slot, where embracing risk can yield rewarding outcomes.

In Plinko’s Auto mode, you’ll witness a cascade of balls descending instead of just one, each ball representing a bet. This function distinguishes itself from the automatic mode commonly found in slots. To halt Auto mode, simply tap the “Stop Auto Betting” button.

On top of its desktop version, you can also play the popular gambling game on your mobile device. There’s no need to download an app since Plinko is available in its HTML5 version at crypto casinos. All you have to do is visit the casino’s website using your smartphone or tablet’s browser, log in, and start your gaming session.

In addition to its straightforward gameplay, Plinko also boasts potential winnings, drawing many enthusiasts to engage in online play. Depending on the chosen crypto casino, rewards can reach as high as $200,000.

How to Win in Pinko


Due to its simplicity, it serves as an ideal option for newcomers seeking an alternative to traditional casino games like slots. As your proficiency increases, you have the option to raise the stakes by adding more lines and pins, leading to the possibility of larger payouts.

Mastering the art of winning in Plinko involves strategic maneuvers. The Spribe Plinko boasts a conservative 55,500-coin maximum payout alongside a modest minimum bet. To secure potentially better wins in the Spribe version, be bold and pick the high-risk red balls.

However, thanks to the game’s algorithm, you cannot apply any actual cheat to this game.

Plinko operates under the Provably Fair principle, providing players with a hash code that verifies the game’s fairness through the blockchain. The beauty of blockchain technology lies in its immutability; once data is added to a blockchain, it cannot be altered without changing subsequent blocks, making the process highly secure.

This means that every result generated within the game is cryptographically linked to a unique hash code, which is essentially a long string of characters. This hash code is derived from a combination of various inputs, including the player’s actions and the game’s parameters.

When a player engages in a Plinko game, the system generates an outcome, such as the path a ball takes through a pegged board to ultimately land in a payout slot. This result is immediately encrypted into a hash code.

The Provably Fair principle ensures that neither the player nor the platform can predict or influence the result once the game has begun. This element of trust is crucial in the world of online gaming and gambling, where players want to be certain that they are not being taken advantage of and that the outcomes are genuinely random.

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