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How do Plastic Molding Injections Work?

Injection molding is one of the best ways to produce plastic components and items. This production process is fast, reliable and it is used to create a huge quantity of the same items without them showing inconsistency. Some of the items produced with this procedure are made to be disposable, and others are created to be extremely durable and to last for years and decades.

If you are interested in learning how this process is done, and how does it work, continue reading. Here we will tell you more about the production process, the materials used, the benefits of this manufacturing process, and everything else you may be interested in knowing.

What is it and why should we use it?

This manufacturing process is used to create items in large volumes, and it is mostly used in mass-production companies. The reason for this is that plastic molding injections allow companies to produce the same product hundreds and even thousands of times without one item being different than the next.

There are a lot of reasons why companies choose this production process and one of the biggest ones is that it is relatively inexpensive. When you use different technologies and different materials, producing one item may cost hundreds of dollars. This would mean that the market value of that item could rise up to a thousand dollars. As you probably know, most plastic items can be purchased for only a few bucks. The only industry that is able to create items with lower costs is the 3D printing one, and many are wondering if injections molding will be replaced by 3D printing in the future.

Another benefit of this manufacturing process is that with it there won’t be any needs to make changes in the machine, or even micromanaging because everything is done automatically, using the same molds, so the items you create will always be the same. If you are part of a big company, then you know how important consistency is, and that if you sell the same item in packages that are slightly different, you risk losing customers.

Materials used

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There are a lot of different materials that can be used to complete this process. However, not every plastic component has the properties needed to be used in injection molding, and the professionals need to be extremely careful so they can choose the right materials and create the best product. You should know that most thermoplastics can be used in this process and other types that are used include Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene (ABS), Polycarbonate (PC), Polypropylene (PP), and Nylon (PA).

Depending on the technology used and the manufacturing process, with these materials, you can create anything from small pieces up to large items that can be used pretty much everywhere. You will be able to create the design on your own and you can also choose the thickness and size of the product you want to create.

How does it work?

The process consists of several different parts and the first one is the plastic is being put in a heated barrel so that it liquifies. This is an extremely important part because as you know, the process of injection molding is possible only if the material that is used is previously heated until it becomes liquid.

The next thing that is done is that the material is injected through a nozzle into the mold or the molding cavity. Last, but not least, the material is left to harden, and an additional tool is put on top of the machine so that the technician can easily remove the item once it is solid. In the case of mass production and large companies, all of these things are done automatically and error-free.

When it comes to the molding design, the molds are usually made of a strong metal like steel or aluminum. There are a lot of different designs you can choose from, and if you are looking to collaborate with a company and deliver your product on the market, there are some things you need to pay attention to. According to, when you are choosing a plastic molding company you need to consider the services they offer, including the design and the overall cost.

Usually, the first design is made by a molder or a technician who has the needed skill to produce the mold you are going to use, and during this process, you can collaborate with them and create your own unique design.


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If you plan on opening your own molding company, you should know that the tools you are going to need will cost a lot. Because of this, it is better to collaborate with professionals who are already in the business than to try and start everything from scratch.

Since the mold is usually made from metal, it is hard to incorporate changes later on, without delays. In case you want to change the package or the item, you should talk to the producer, and ask them for a timetable and if you are going to experience delays because of the change.

One last thing that can be considered as a disadvantage, is the fact that large plastic products are rarely created with this process. The reason for this is that the mold is usually hard to create for big items, and it may cost a lot to create the initial design.

Plastic injections molding is one of the best manufacturing processes because it gives you all the freedom you need to create your own unique products and designs. Once you have the initial mold, it is going to be easy for you to get large quantities of the same product, and with this, be consistent on the market. Remember that the company you choose to create these items for you will make the biggest difference. Always do a lot of research, and make sure they offer the materials and designs you are interested in.

You should know that the product you place on the market will make a difference in the sales, and it will either attract a lot of new customers, or you may even risk losing the ones you already have. Spend a lot of time thinking about the design, and collaborate closely with the mold engineer to create the best plastic item you can.

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