Why Should Somebody Perform An Online Background Check

Are you trying to do research on somebody? If you’re just searching their name online, you’re only skimming the surface of available information. If you really want to dig deeper and discover the truth about somebody, you need to run an online background check.

An online background check from Instant Checkmate scans through millions of available public records about a person then deliver that information to you in a single easy to read the report. With just a single report, you can uncover far more information about a person than hours of googling can reveal.

Here are seven reasons you might want to run an online background check

Why Run A Background Check?

1. Find Phone Numbers And Addresses


Are you trying to reach someone specific? Background reports often include a person’s personal phone numbers, current and prior home addresses, and even other contact information like email addresses.

That’s why background reports can be used to uncover contact details for long-lost friends, find family members you lost touch with, and check-in with old school friends.

2. Get To Know Your Neighborhood


When you’re new in your neighborhood, getting to know your block can make an unfamiliar place finally feel like home. But it can sometimes be difficult to remember everyone who happens to live on your street. Of course, even after you introduce yourself, your neighbors probably won’t reveal the most interesting facts about their past.

You can also use the address search, you can find out the facts about the people who live in your area. This information might include their names, addresses, and social media profiles, when available.

A reverse address lookup can uncover details like demographic information, possible residents, and even crime data. A quick search can give you the total scoop on your neighborhood in one easy-to-read background report.

3. Fact Check Information From Online Contacts


It’s easier than ever to meet someone who’s interested in a date, make a trade, or join a group of likeminded people. But do you really know who you are dealing with? A background check can make

If you’re worried that your online date may be lying about their past, a background check can uncover the truth. If you think that If you’re meeting someone with Craigslist, a background check can reveal if they’ve even been convicted of fraud. You never know when someone is trying to pull the wool over your eyes. So a background check can help you discover if an online acquaintance is being upfront with you or is trying to sell you a pack of lies.

4. Discover Social Media Profiles


Often the most interesting facts about a person are what they choose to expose in their social media profiles. The problem is that sometimes a person’s complete collection of social media profiles are difficult to track down. This goes double if someone has a common name.

Fortunately, an online background check can reveal where someone likes to hang out online. You might be able to see their Instagram account to see where they like to vacation. Or check out their LinkedIn account to discover their work history. Their Twitter account might even reveal their political opinions.

5. Find Property Information


Property records are public. That means that a background check can reveal tons of information about someone’s history of homeownership. Property information can include the date their home was purchased, its assessed value, the ownership history, and even estimated square feet. You can also view a property’s assessed values overtime to get a sense of its overall value.

If someone is a property investor, a background check can also give you a rough idea about the value of their empire.

This data is useful if you want to learn more about your own home’s value, but it can also be valuable if you need to double-check a person’s story. Perhaps they claimed they’ve only ever lived in one city, but their own history says otherwise. With an online background check, you have tons of information at your fingertips.

6. See Licenses And Permits


When available, an online background report can show you if a person has a hunting license, a concealed carry permit, and even a DEA license to prescribe pharmaceuticals, among other professional licenses.

This can be a useful way to tell someone if they’re telling the truth. For example, if your new friend says they’re a successful doctor, they should have a DEA license according to public records. If someone says that they are a pilot, their background report can reveal when (and if) they received their pilot’s license. You might be surprised to learn what you find after just a single search.

7. Have Peace Of Mind


You don’t always need a reason to run a background check. Sometimes, learning more about a person can provide valuable peace of mind by confirming what you already know.

Run a background check today to see what it might uncover.

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