How Often Do You Need to Paint the Interior of Your House

Everyone deserves to feel at ease in their own house, and one of the best ways to do so is to rebuild things the way you like them to be. Painting the inside of the house is one of the most popular and easy improvements that people take up. A new coat of color revitalizes your environment and gives a much-needed shift. Some experts consider it one of the most effective ways to refuel your life, as neo paint on the same walls gives you the idea that change is better.

You have got the answer to the question of whether or not you should paint your home or not. Now the big question of how often you need to paint it? Well, there is not a single formal response as there are several aspects to consider, including damage, the frequency with which the rooms are utilized, and the purpose for which they are occupied. Some people wish to change only their dining hall while some go for the whole renovation. Some stick to the bedrooms while some refurbish the complete décor. It all comes down to how eager you are to make the changes.

Nonetheless, we will help you out to make a sound decision. Painting takes a lot of time and effort. It is not just about picking a paint bucket and a brush or a roller and starting painting the walls that are unfit. It happens in movies and not in real life. In reality, it is a complicated and technical task. Thus, for better output, you must seek professional help. is the best way to go about it. They not only paint your house according to your specifications, but they also offer tips on how to make the paint last longer.

The First Task


When determining how often you should color your home, it’s important to remember that coloring is not done in a vacuum. Painting happens over white putty and plaster surfaces. As a result, the precision of the plaster and leveling beneath the paint is equally important. Your paintwork will linger if the texturing is flawless.

It is the first task that is executed after analyzing the area. There are cracks in the walls and ceiling to be filled. There are holes in the walls, and there is dullness all over because of exposure to air and dirty hands. All this needs to be cleaned up before opening the paint bucket.

How often do I need to paint the interiors?

It differs per location, however with the right paint and future maintenance, a coat of paint may last anywhere between 5 to 10 years. The more consumed up spaces in your house, on the other hand, will demand quite regular color upgrades.

Let us go room by room to understand it better.

1. Living Room and Dining Room


The living room and dining room are often utilized. A long-lasting paint might last six to eight years. You may need to repaint more regularly if you are using poorer durable paint.

These rooms only need to be repainted every five years or so. The volume of home furnishings in such spaces generally does an excellent work of shielding the interiors from damage. However, because these areas are the focal points of the house, you may wish to repaint them more frequently to resonate with the new décor or update your style.

Remember, that correct surface preparation is essential. Experts at Sidepost say that a proper surface prep work is the cornerstone of any successful job, ensuring your wall paint lasts as long as possible.

2. Bedroom

Adult bedrooms are less used in any house. They are really not high-traffic places, so individuals aren’t constantly brushing up against or banging into the walls. As a result, paint schemes in ordinary bedrooms can endure for up to half a decade.

Children’s bedrooms, on the other hand, are a different scenario. They see a lot more coverage because they are frequently used as playhouses for many children. During playing, the walls are more prone to become soiled or destroyed due to all of the excitement. To guarantee that the painting will last as long as humanly possible in a kids’ bedroom, choose an extremely durable coating, such as emulsion, or even an efficiently utilized sheen wrap up. At maximum, 3 to 4 years is the apt time.

3. Kitchen


The kitchen is said to be the centerpiece, and as such, it is a highly active area. Oahu Interior Painting can help you with this! It is subjected to a great deal of excessive wear as a result of the activities that take place because people tend to congregate in the kitchen, which means they are more likely to stumble and contact the surfaces than other rooms. On average, three to four years is the time frame a kitchen gets before getting a new coat.

4. Bathroom

Like the kitchen, the bathroom is also one of the most consumed spaces in your house. It is extremely messy and demands repainting. The paint on the walks wears down because of the presence of humidity in the area. Thus, two to three years is the roundabout time for getting your bathroom done. Some experts suggest using a blend of paint and tiles on the walls to elevate the look and also save the damage to the walls. The combination of both works well as paint balances the glossiness the tiles deliver.

5. Hallways and Corridors


It’s crucial to keep an eye on the hallways and corridors because scuff marks and flaking are common in these places, you must explore repainting your wall borders and corridors every three years.

The Parting Words

The first question that comes to a logical mind is, is it all worth it? The simple answer is a big Yes. To say in short, a fresh coat of paint increases the value of your property. So, if you are looking to sell it or rent it out, getting it painted is the cheapest way to elevate the selling prospects. Else, a new paint pleases eyes, eliminates stress, and delivers a good feel to you and your family members.

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