7 Common Mistakes Beginners Make When Outsourcing Software Development

Outsourcing is something that many companies around the world apply, especially when it comes to software development. In that way, there is more insight and control over the costs, but also the tasks are completed within the set deadlines.

Owners of companies or managers apply this approach when they do not have satisfactory staff quality or if they ever work with a limited budget and know in which countries the average salary is lower than in theirs. There is nothing wrong with that, as long as it is about fair contracts and timely work. Of course, the employer also has to pay the employee on time, so that in fact, the whole concept of outsourcing is functional.

However, mistakes can also be made, especially from inexperience in the same field. Many people think that it is very easy and simple to find an individual or an outsourcing company, but it is a big challenge for everyone. Even in the face of intense competition, you need to be mindful of many things and recognize the relevance of a potential collaborator.

But in the following you will read how you can avoid unpleasant situations, which can be really expensive mistakes:

1. You are not searching for relevant and specialized websites


Freelance platforms also offer the option to find entire teams with which you can work in the long run. Many outsourcing companies have their own websites and online portfolio, such as In that way, you are informed about the background of the company, but also about their previous projects, as well as what they offer and what are the conditions for cooperation.

This way you have certain data and information before you even get in touch with the people in charge. It is also a good starting point to negotiate and get the most out of cooperation. Mistakes are the easiest to avoid if you know what you are looking for and where you are aiming.

2. You vaguely set your requirements

To get the right offer, you need to be clear about what you are looking for. Many mistakes and conflicts arose only due to poor communication and an untimely definition of outsourcing service obligations.

In order for them to work, you need to offer them at least the most basic project on which they will be based. Of course, professionals know and can handle even the most complicated situations, but keep in mind that the right directions are key. If you do not know what you really want, you probably will not get what you need.

3. You avoid communicating with the company


Many mistakes and unpleasant situations can be avoided with timely communication. Remember this rule in every moment of your life, because only with open communication you will be able to get the information you need, but also to know you and everyone concerned what the situation is and what the expectations are.

When hiring an outsourcing company, it is very important to be in touch whenever needed and to have an insight into how things are going. That way corrections can be made in time if something goes in the wrong direction.

4. You do not give reasonable deadlines

If the deadline is too short, then either the work will not be done well or you will have to pay a lot of money to be ready in such a short time. This will by no means result in satisfactory quality and you will need to pay extra for corrections and spend the same amount of time again.

Even outsourcing software developers can face challenges and difficulties and it really takes a reasonable amount of time to overcome them without compromising the quality of implementation.

5. You are focused only on costs


The price is very important and it’s really normal and expected if you want to control the costs you have. But one of the worst decisions you can make is the one that is based on the price of the service.

Every company has a budget they need to fit all the expenses in those frames, so you should make the most of it, instead of trying to save money. There will always be additional costs too, so saving money shouldn’t be your goal at all.

6. You are making stars out of the outsourcing collaborators

The phase in which you are very satisfied with the collaborators sometimes lasts for a short time, like a honeymoon. In that period, the last thing you need to do is turn them into stars and at the same time humiliate the employees.

And we are all aware that such things happen, and they are the worst. That makes the employees unsatisfied with the conditions, sometimes jealous, and the outsourcing workers are thinking they are allowed to do everything they want, including asking for more money, or not meeting the deadlines at all.

7. You do not consider the cultural differences as a challenge


If you employ teams or companies from the other side of the world, then you need to know that it comes with a certain weight. Sometimes, due to culture, religion, or tradition, some deadlines will not be met on time or you will be rejected for a task.

You all need to adapt to each other and stick to professionalism, instead of dwelling on small things like talking, leisure, or similar cultural challenges.

The final thoughts

Professional relationships must be stable. They are built with transparent communication, with interest, but also with mutual respect. If you are ready for the challenge of outsourcing software development, then you must be reminded of the most common mistakes that employers make.

Of course, throughout your career, you will meet different profiles of people, but it is crucial to know how to evaluate who you should work with, as well as to avoid the most common pitfalls in which you can easily get stuck.

Your goal is the quality realization of the projects, so stick to it and do not make any compromises. Be professional, thoughtful, reasonable, and of course, open to cooperation at all levels. That’s the key to success in such situations.

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