Our Hair Color Changer Guide – How to Do it Right?

Are you planning a change in your hair color? Do you want to make sure that your new shade looks fabulous? Then you’re reading the right article! We want to tackle the problem of hair color change here – how to do it to get your dream results. Intrigued? Then read on!

Finding the right shade for your hair

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The first step of hair color change is choosing the right shade. It has to look right and be applicable to your current base hair. Here’s a list of what you should look out for:

  • Your base hair color – Your current hair color matters, and that’s not a simple slogan. The final outcome of your hair coloring is always determined by the base to which it was applied. For example, red hair is really strong in certain pigments and limits your possibilities – most blonde dyes will create orange when applied to it. So, you have to check what color goes with your base hair.
  • Your complexion – While hairstyles match head or face shapes, hair colors match your complexion. Auburn looks wonderful with darker skin tones, golden brown looks better with lighter skin. You absolutely need to consider it while choosing the right shade!

How to look for the ideal new color?

Don’t worry, choosing the best shade isn’t difficult nowadays. There are many hair color changer apps that let you test different colors without actually dyeing your hair! All you have to do is download one of these, pick a few shades that you believe will look great on you, and see the potential results!

Hair type matters when it comes to hair color change

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Did you choose a shade? Great, so now it’s time to discuss your hair type! We have to do this for one reason – to know whether you need one or two boxes of hair dye.

Thicker and longer hair might require you to use two boxes. Coarse-textured hair will adopt the dye slower than other types. You need to be aware of how your hair reacts to hair coloring – sometimes, you might want to use two tubes instead of one, sometimes you might be tempted to, but you don’t have to – your hair simply takes more time to dye. Our advice here – consult a hair colorist.

At-home or in hair salon?

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Finally, there is the choice between DIY and a professional hair coloring service. Which one is for you?

Dyeing your hair at home might be more comfortable, quicker and require less planning. Yet, you may struggle to deal with more complicated techniques, so it’s best for coating your whole hair with a new color or recoloring the gray hair roots. If wish to do it yourself, remember to choose good hair dyes – the ones without harsh ingredients, such as ammonia.

A professional hair colorist will guide you through the whole process. From choosing the right dye, to applying it. They will usually mix the hair coloring solution for you, to ensure that the outcome meets your expectations. Going to a hair colorist might be a bit more expensive, but it does pay off.

The takeaway

So, after reading our hair color changer guide, you know how to dye your hair perfectly? Let’s sum it up just in case. First, choose the right shade, depending on your base hair color and your complexion. Then, consider your hair type to determine the amount of hair dye that you will need. Ultimately, make the most significant decision – whether you would like to dye your hair at home or visit a hair salon?

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