4 Most Exciting Online Casino Games to Play in 2024

Online casinos have been popular since forever, but this year there was a spike that attracted a lot more new active players who are finally ready to play these games and try to earn some money with them. Most of the experts suppose it’s a result of the coronavirus outbreak. As we all know, at the end of 2019 a new virus came out in China, causing heavy respiratory problems. In the first three months od 2024, the World Health Organization declared a state of the pandemic, which means the whole world is affected by it, and separate governments brought suitable measures and solutions for their citizens.

It wasn’t even the middle of March 2024 when most of the countries around the world announced lockdowns. Many people were let to work home, and sadly, the number of those who were fired is also big. But, knowing how much the situation was risky, no one was going out for weeks and months. Italy is one of the many examples around the world that had a hard time dealing with the virus. Even though in general everything worked fine, people who needed to stay at home because they have young children, a chronic illness, or they were just fired, should find a way to fill up their spare time.

As we all know, mobile games are our “friends” when we have a hard time with something and need to clean up our mind from bad thoughts. Online casinos had literally jumped in to save the situation, letting the people play unlimited slots, blackjack, pokies, poker, and many other games of luck provided on the list created by TopSlots New Zealand. You can download these games as an app on your smartphone, or you can access them by the websites that support this type of online activity.

You may have a lot of questions if these casinos are legitimate, and is there any chance of scam or fraud. Sadly, we can’t confirm that every online game of luck is legit, but almost everyone is able to recognize the small things that may uncover the scammers behind these apps. So, we recommend you to stick to the platforms people around you know, just like New Zealand’s one we mentioned above.

These are some of the most popular online casino platforms for this year:

1. Slot Wolf


You can start this game with a nice bonus and up to 100 free spins. There are attractive tournaments almost every day, and you can win really big, and then cashout the money and withdraw them to your bank account. When you sign up for the first time, you are getting a welcome bonus. Also, Slot Wolf offers more than 4000 games of luck. There are days when they cash out more than $2,000,000 in daily cash prizes. You can find a live chat you can use if you eventually have some problem, but you don’t need to care about that, because they provide 24/7 online support, which means you can access the employees there through the live chat, but also via email or a virtual call. Choose your favorite game and test your luck with Slot Wolf Casino.

2. Surf Casino


If blue is your favorite color, and you want to spend a lot of time on the beach, then Surf can be the best option for you. Most of the games are inspired by the summer, beach, bikini, cocktails, and the sea. The developers and owners of this platform are dedicated professional players, who want to attract more and more new users, by offering competitive bonuses and welcome packs, but also by increasing the chances for every active player to win big. They highly promote responsible gaming and expect that every new client will respect that. The designs and graphics are simple, and the cashout limit is high. If somehow happens that you have a problem with anything, the support team is very friendly, and they will be glad to help you with any issue.

3. Kassu


If you want to try how lucky you are, you can consider joining the great Kassu community, and get up to $1,5000 welcome bonus, and 200-300 free spins, so you can start playing, and hoping to win something bigger. You can play live casino or slots, or any other game you prefer. Kassu’s goal is to attract every gambling enthusiast by their side, by offering beautiful games. They may not have thousands of games listed in their library, but every one of those they have is beautiful and offers big bonuses and wins. Sometimes, if there is some promotion, you can get an even bigger bonus and use it to win.

4. Fun Casino


If you want an exciting adventure while you play table games, lottery, or slots, you are in the right place, and also, at the same time, they offer more than ten payment methods. If you win, you can choose to withdraw any amount you want using your Visa or Mastercard, Skrill, Paypal, Trustly, and so on. A lot of valid institutions stay behind this casino, which means it’s legit and reliable, and you can be sure you will get paid if you win. As they say in their description, the goal is not to attract millions of active players. Everything they want is to provide a great experience to their clients and offer some unique things to them, so they can be sure they will come back and play again.

The popularity of online casinos is also questionable and controversial because gambling is considered an addiction that may cause a lot of problems with family and friends. Most of these platforms don’t want that to happen to their clients, so they offer something like fair playing and will recommend you to take a break a few days if you spend too much time there. Don’t forget that gambling is addictive, and people can easily hook up to it, losing a lot of money, and winning low prizes. You may be lucky, but don’t overdo it, because our luck is not something we bring with us all the time.

Roulette – Similar to Blackjack, Roulette happens to be a casino classic which is the favorite of countless gamblers out there. This game has stretched into many variations and the most popular of them are – French, European, and American. They are found everywhere and at times, from the live dealer forms too. However, the diversity and imagination related to online roulette games tend to be hugely exhilarating similar to Bosskuclub. Monopoly, pinball, and multi-wheel are some of the interesting versions of Roulette. The variations of Roulette are hugely dependent on the online casino platform that people choose. Bets and odds vary a little among variations and so, it is important to go through the label or attempt the demo version of this game.

Craps – Roulette, and Blackjack are endless when the matter comes to variations, Craps is very much still Craps. Commonly, online Craps looks similar to live Craps and you will find just some dice games online. This is because people love the thrill of throwing real dice in the casinos that remains surrounded by countless exciting people. People also love playing craps online as it is a fun jaunt. The rate of payout is between 96 and 99 percent and it is considered an excellent value. Numerous online casinos utilize either Playtech’s Craps or Microgaming’s Vegas Craps. Again, Cryptologic, Bwin, Netent, and Dragonfish possess their variations of Craps too. Playtech’s Craps has got an excellent fast forward characteristic where people can speed up their games.

Mega Fortune – Numerous players from all across the globe have involved themselves in playing Mega Fortune for many years in the hope of striking the mega jackpot. The good thing is the online slot is busy making millionaires and it is a real powerhouse that has been successful in holding records for paying out an impressive win. The theme is formed on a life full of luxury, having limousines, speed boats, and diamond rings that occupy the reels. Some people from NetEnt put Mega Fortune with a couple of jackpots and it does not come as a surprise that players have made this game highly popular for a long time. The remarkable thing is Mega Fortune has got all the components for being a highly popular online slot game.

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Jumanji Slot – Jumanji is considered the newest video slot that NetEnt has released and it has got the makings of a real classic. This online casino game is formed on the American blockbuster adventure movie from the 1990s. Today, Jumanji has re-emerged as an online slot game that has many wicket bonuses and special features. This game has 4 methods of rewarding players and it emerges with five-reel and twenty-five pay line structures. One of the finest components of Jumanji is it allures players irrespective of their budget. Again, players can play this game even when they have got only some money with them. Though this game was released in the year 2024 only, it has managed to tick every right box and this is the reason it has turned into one of the highly entertaining slots that have ever been released.

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