How Popular is Online Bingo Around the Globe

The game of bingo has existed for a long time and is still one of the most popular games of chance, whether it is played live, with a paper ticket, or through an online platform. It is a drum with balls on which numbers are written, usually from 1 to 99, but maybe less. There are different combinations on the ticket, and bingo means when all the numbers on the ticket or in a part of it that is physically separated from the others are drawn. There are different ticket designs, but the rules are the same – bingo is won by the one who first has all the numbers drawn. There are usually 15 numbers in a combination, but still, as we said, it can vary, depending on the game organizer and its rules.

Knowing how popular it is as a concept, then it is quite expected that online bingo will be equally in demand. The websites where you can play online bingo have closed a huge gap, especially in the time of the pandemic, when there was a great deal of uncertainty. Of course, we were all scared, but still, we did not give up some habits, and at certain moments we all needed a little fun. Many found interesting hobbies, discovered their talents, devoted themselves to other aspects of their personality, but of course, there were also those who gladly visited sites like to deepen their knowledge of bingo and similar games of chance.

This game is really long rooted in humanity, that there is almost no person who does not know what the rules are. But, even with such a tradition, it is a game that is really interesting, exciting, and uncertain, so it managed to survive despite all the challenges in the market of games of chance and gambling.

Well, let’s see where this game is popular!

In European countries


We can say that Europe has a long tradition of playing bingo, in general, at the level of the whole continent. The Italians are showing special interest, and there is evidence that the beginnings of the game are exactly in Italy. Some historical evidence points to just that, so it is not surprising that it is played quite often.

Of course, it is worth mentioning Germany, where it gained its greatest popularity in the 19th century. The Germans even use these games as a methodical and didactic tool for children to recognize different numbers and find them when they are not in order.

The game is also popular in Romania, especially after the fall of Ceausescu’s regime, when games of chance were no longer a taboo subject among Romanians. Also, it is worth mentioning Sweden, where profits worth millions are made precisely because of bingo, and the profit funds are really high.

Of course, it is played in other European countries, but it seems that it is in these that it occupies the largest scale or has the longest tradition of playing. Because of this, the same people show the most interest in the online version of bingo.

In the United States

We will not see North America as a continent, but only the United States, which has a long tradition of gambling. Unsurprisingly, it is mostly played in Las Vegas, and Americans love to claim that they are the founders of modern bingo – no matter how dissatisfied that claim is for Italians.

Fortunately, in the online versions of this game, there is a choice, whether you want classic or modern bingo or a modified version with different rules than the standard ones. And best of all, you can be from anywhere in the world and be able to play a variant that is popular all over the world, such as

In Asia


It is often played in Japan and of course, there are versions that are faithful to the local tradition, but also stick to the classics. According to some data, bingo is popular in parts of China, but also in South Korea. Online platforms make it more accessible to as many people on this continent as are interested in this type of entertainment.

It is easy and safe

Online bingo could not be easier. The registration takes place in a standard way, by entering the necessary registration data, and is either played with a slot machine, whenever you want, or live when other players are involved.

The security aspects depend on the laws, but also on the way the game is conducted and organized. Of course, you have to be careful and choose services that can be trusted to avoid online scams, which unfortunately are quite common in this business. Be responsible yourself. When you join a legitimate website, then you can be sure that all security issues are covered in a timely manner.

Everything is better when it is online


This terrible pandemic had to happen for us to realize that we had taken many things for granted. Many of us have already learned to value our time for ourselves and our family, but also for our closest friends or partner. So, together they got involved in such activities, which are certainly more fun when they take place in the warmth of home, with loved ones, instead of in strange places with many strangers around.

It is for these reasons that many people have chosen to play games of chance online.


As you can see from our previous presentation, some things got their online counterpart and will probably stay that way forever, even after this coronavirus no longer exists or is under full control. Having a choice whether to do something physically or online also means that individual freedom is respected. It seems that this approach does not change the popularity of bingo at any time, because the interest remains high, as is the number of active players every day.

Finally, we would advise you only to be careful with the choice of online services, because, at the end of the day, you need to get your money, but also to remain loyal to them because of the good service. Therefore, choose wisely and very carefully.

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