One Day in Bangalore- What Spots Can You Cover in Bangalore Within One Day?

Consider a one-day getaway from your worries on a Kolkata to Bangalore flight. In Bangalore, you can explore numerous attractions in a day. Swap weekend pubs for these stunning spots.

If you’re going to take a break from professional & personal worries, pick Kolkata to Bangalore flight for a one-day trip. Bangalore has lots of options which you can cover in one day. So, get away from the boring weekend pubs and visit Bangalore to spot these beautiful locations.

Explore the fantastic places of Bangalore in your one-day trip

  • Immerse yourself in Hogenakkal waterfall

Are you a water baby? Hogenakkal waterfall lies on the Dharmapuri border. It is 130 km away from the City Garden, also famous as Niagara Falls. The name Hogenakkal is taken from the Kannada language, which means smoky rocks. It’s a complete tourist attraction because of the boat riding. The best time to explore this place is monsoon.

  • Refresh your soul with the smell of Roses & Orchids at Yelagiri

If you love mountains, then it’s a perfect tourist destination for you. It’s a hill station surrounded by a rose & orchid garden. It is surrounded by green valleys and located in Tirupattur. It’s an adventure spot for all those people who love physical activities like rock climbing & paragliding. The mountain is at a height of 1410.6 metres and gives a complete paradise-like view. For the best experience, you can visit this place between November and February.

  • Explore the Chota Ladakh at Bangalore


Do you dream of visiting Ladakh by riding a bike? Here, you can fulfil your dream because Chota Ladakh or Dodda Ayur is a charming destination. It is located 60km away from Bangalore. This place resembles the vibe of Ladakh, and that’s the reason you can see bikers frequently on this road. You can consider this place for camping. It is recommended to reach this place in the early morning or evening for the best views.

  • Immerse your soul into spiritual vibes at Kotilingeshwara temple

If you are a spiritual person, Kotilingeshwara temple is a must-visit place. The temple is popular for having the biggest 108 ft tallest Shivling in the world. Here, you can witness the 90 lakhs of Shiva Lingas in various sizes. The temple is located in Kammasandra, in the small village of Kolar district. You can also take blessings from the other deities also. The temple is open from morning 6 to evening 9, so you can easily come for Darshan.

  • Organise a picnic date at Dodda Alada Mara


Dodda Alada Mara is popular for its 400-year banyan tree & spread over more than 3 acres of Kethohalli. It is 30 km away from Bangalore. If you are searching for the perfect family picnic spot, then it’s the perfect getaway. The place is relaxing and gi

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