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Off White Jordan Chicago Authentication – 2024 Tips

Off White x Air Jordan 1 collaboration has boomed. This is a fact and no one will ever disagree with it. With the high prices of this rare collaboration, replica sneakers came into place too. When the original price of one pair can reach up to 7-8 thousand dollars, the interest for good replicas will be raised in both consumer’s and businesses’ environments. This obviously raises a chance for you guys to get a fake pair and pay a full reseller price thinking you’re grabbing the best deal on the market. Don’t be fooled! The most advanced authentication service online will advise you on this matter.

Check the Price

You absolutely have to consider the price as a vulnerable point of a pair being counterfeit. If a guy offers you a price which is 2x lower the market price of the Off White Jordan Chicago’s then you are 100% not getting the steal – you’re just getting scammed by sellers of replicas. Authenticate the price of the sneaker considering the condition of the shoes, size, and value on the market. Don’t get into big dreams of getting the best deal on the market because it will most likely be counterfeit. Check the sellers’ profile, inspect the receipts, and take your time.

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Inspect the size tag of Off White Jordan Chicago’s

You absolutely need to authenticate the size tag of your pair. The real vs fake comparisons used in this guide are taken from the most extended resource of authentication guides on how to authenticate Off White Chicago’s and other models online: We will look at the size tag glue patterns on the side. You can notice how the glue is darker on an authentic pair and way lighter on a counterfeit size tag. Make sure to also inspect the model code on the size tag. In our case, both the authentic and counterfeit size tags have the same original model codes (AA3834-101). Nevertheless, in bad replica pairs, this model code would be different from an original one. How to check it?

  • Inspect the model code on your size tag
  • Put it into the Google Search
  • See if the right model comes up
  • Right model! But does it come from a reliable source? Make sure this code will lead you to such websites as StockX, Goat, SoleCollector, and other reliable sources.

Authenticate the “85” flap on your pair

Let’s get to a more advanced way of authenticating your Chicago’s. Please get your shoes next to you and open up the “85” flap on your sneakers. Take a look at the real vs fake comparison below to authenticate your pair. Check that the font on the authentic pair is more precise and doesn’t have those minor inconsistencies that a replica pair most definitely would include. Notice that the engraved Jordan logo is darker on a replica pair compared to the original Off White Jordan Chicago.

The Zip Tie Method

Next, we’re going to cover the Zip Tie method which helps us to differ between a real and a replica pair. In this case, this would be useful to let you know that this method works for many other Off-White models that have the same zip tie. First, let’s take a look at the font of the text placed on the red zip tie. Notice that a replica pair has its zip tie font lighter and thicker compared to an authentic one. This, therefore, causes a very dramatic issue, letters are positioned very close to each other. This is clearly visible in the real vs fake guide example below.

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The Air Jordan Logo Method

Now, we’re going to move forward to the Air Jordan Logo method. Consider this method very important and unique as it’s applicable to many other Air Jordan 1 models. Firstly, the comparison below outlines how letter JOR on an authentic pair is way thinner than on a fake pair. Also, you can notice how letters are engraved using a different color. On an authentic pair, the letters are darker whereas on a replica pair you will see a more reddish accent.

Next, let’s take a look at the circle below to highlight the inconsistencies in the second part. You will notice that the bottom part of the Air Jordan Logo has print inconsistencies in comparison to a replica one. Specifically, these inconsistencies will be seen once the shoe starts getting more worn off as the bad quality print will start coming off at some parts of the logo.

How to authenticate Off White Jordan Chicago’s? (Summary)

To summarize today’s topic of the concern, firstly look at the price and profile of the seller. Does the deal seem to be too good for you? Does the price seem to be way too low and the seller is ready to ship anytime? Probably, you’re getting a high-quality replica rather than a fruitful deal for your future reselling career.

Secondly, make sure to authenticate all the vulnerabilities we listed above for you to legit check the pair accurately. Make sure that the Air Jordan Logo has the correct font size whenever you authenticate AJ1 pairs yourself. Check the quality of the zip tie material and the size and color of the letters’ font.

Eliminate the chance of getting the worst replicas on the market by inspecting the size tag. Insert the model code into Google and see what comes up.

Lastly, remember that online authentication requires a lot of practice and experience. You need to research and you need to know more about the sneakers than just its market value.

Still, got doubts about the authenticity of your pair?

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Don’t worry! Some services provide free authentication guides as well as legit check services. Hop on the website, go to the Off White section, and choose your pair. Submit photos of the item and get results as fast as 30 minutes!

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