How To Obtain A Good Silver Jewelry?

Jewelry is an important part of everybody’s lives, and to pick and choose that equally worthy silver jewelry, you need to gain some knowledge and guidance.

It is for sure that by following a few essential pointers, you can find some genuine silver products. The tips and the guidelines mentioned in this blog are with the help of an expert adviser from esteemed jewelers like Jusnova.

How To Buy A Good Silver Piece Of Jewelry?

When you are on a quest to find the right jewelry for yourself or gift your loved ones for any special occasion, there are certain things you need to scrutinize. Silver is a costly metal and ornament. You do not want to spend money by getting conned by replicas in the market.

1. Compare And Research The Price

Compare the price you get from different sellers, online portals, and websites. If you see unexpectedly huge discounts on your favorite jewelry, do not fall for it. It might be a trap to con you, and the silver might not be authentic.

2. Know Your Seller

Silver sourcing is an important factor that depends upon the seller greatly. A reputable seller will know his trade and shall also have ethical practices in both manufacturing and selling silver. Some sellers give better exchange values too. Thus, getting proper knowledge of your seller is implied.

3. The Hallmark

A hallmark is present in almost all legitimate ornaments. The hallmark is a sign of purity and authenticity. You should look for an original hallmark on ornaments along with the identification number on it.

EPNS is also known as electro-plated nickel silver. It is a combined form of silver and does not go well if you wish to have absolute purity in your ornaments. Some metals may be mixed into silver to make it sturdier for ornamental purposes. Pure silver may have metals like copper mixed in it to ensure that it forms a durable ornament.


4. When Purchasing Online

The internet has both legitimate and scamming sites. You should only purchase from a renowned brand. Moreover, it is best to look for the secure symbol in your browser. A website URL starting with https is safe as your data will remain encrypted on the site.

Online platforms tend to have offline joints as well. The reason is that psychologically, people prefer to have a tangible location to visit. This builds more faith in the platform itself. You shall find multiple platforms that are having a good image in the market while having a hybrid presence.

Online purchase platforms usually have a decent refund facility that allows you to return the product. This facility is extremely essential as you do not want to be stuck with an ornament you do not like.


Constantly scrutinize, ask questions and give your best not to be hoaxed when buying silver or any kind of jewelry. And by following these pointers, you will be able to find that particular eternally brilliant jewelry. You can take with you any acquaintance if they are pro at buying jewelry (especially silver). A little help here and there doesn’t matter after all.

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