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Moving to Florida With Kids – How to Survive it 2024 Guide

Moving to Florida can be a great chance for a fresh start for you and your family.  Relocating and moving takes a big toll on adults, so it is no surprise that the moving process is also very difficult for kids. Since you are moving to Florida, not only do you need to prepare yourself and your belongings, but you also must prepare your children. There are many new things that your children will need to get accustomed to. Therefore, they will need some serious help on your end. If you prepare your kids properly for this big change in their life, you can turn this traumatic experience into something joyful and positive. So, here are a few things that you can do for your children while moving to Florida.

Cope with everything ahead of time

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It doesn’t matter where you are moving. You might be moving to NYC with your kids or you might be moving to Florida or anywhere else. The principle is essentially the same. Talk to your children. Help them understand why you need to move. Also, give them something to look forward to. For instance, you are moving to Florida and there is a big possibility that you will be close to a beach. Explain to your kids all the fun they will have on the sandy beaches of Florida and how much they will enjoy the warm weather.

Include your kids in the moving process

By forcing your children to move, you are disrupting their routine and you are taking away their control. To give that control back to them, allow them to participate in the moving process. Take them house hunting with you and once you are done take them for ice cream. This way your kids will feel included and they will associate this activity with a positive memory. During these preparations every moment you spend with your children is valuable. One way to save time is by hiring professional movers to help you handle everything that is needed for your move. Get in touch with MovingKings Van Lines FL. While they focus on your move, you can focus on your kids.

Communicate with your kids

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Your kids will need a strong support system. Even if your children are very independent and strong, they will still need to lean on you. Make sure they feel free to come to you if they are stressed or overwhelmed while moving to Florida. Certainly, you will feel stressed as well. However, do your best not to disclose your negative emotions in front of your kids. They need to see you as positive and energetic during the move and while you settle in.

Moving to Florida means establishing a new retinue

From the moment you arrive at your new residence, you must start putting in place a retinue. It is vital that you start from day one and you do not waste any time. So, try to follow playtime, bedtime, dinner time or any other retinue that your children need or enjoy. Especially don’t forget the fun stuff. For example, if you always had ice cream on Fridays at your old place, you should also have it at your new place. This way you will start getting your life organized, while your kids will feel stability. If your kids enjoy family dinner time, make this meal your priority.

Get in touch with the new school

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New children at school tend to have a rough adjustment period. In combination with the relocation, your kid might go through a struggling period. Be proactive! Go to school and meet the teachers, guidance counselor and any other school employee that can be of assistance. Explain to them your current situation and ask them to keep a close eye on your child. This is particularly important for kids that have problems connecting and socializing.

Don’t forget friends and family that you left behind

Moving to Florida, unfortunately, means that you will be leaving behind friends, family, coworkers and many others that are near and dear to your heart. As hard as this may be for you, it will be even harder for your children. Parents that have kids who are adolescents should pay special attention to this problem. Since some adolescents tend to be isolated, it will be hard for them to leave the people they love behind. It was hard enough making connections, to begin with, and now they must do it all over again. Thankfully we live in a technology dominant world. You can always get your kid some device that can help them stay in touch with their friends and relatives. Still, keep in mind that tracking your kids’ activities online is not a bad idea. An iPad can be a great gift for your children that they can use to communicate with friends and family that do not live close by.

Do your best to stay positive at all times

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Moving to Florida will undeniably impact your mood and stress levels. After all, you are only human, and you can’t help but crack under pressure from time to time. Do your best to keep a positive mindset as much as you can. Especially in front of your children. Kids feel the energy and like it or not they can get sucked into the negative mood as well if it is projected in front of them.

In the end, the more you prepare the easier this move will be on you and your family. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t forget one important detail. Of course, while moving to Florida you will do everything you can to help your kids. But do not forget to take care of yourself and your partner. When parents are loving and full of support, children can feel it and they will most likely get on board. Now that you know what you need to do, start prepping. The sooner you get there, the sooner you can enjoy all the perks of living in the Sunshine State.

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