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Most Common Breakup Mistakes You Should Never Make

When a man and a woman brake up, it means that something went wrong in their relationship – some mistakes were not corrected, and resentments accumulated. All this “baggage” consists of an unwillingness to understand each other and compromise. But all relationships are the experience that life gives you. You need to learn something from it and move on, not making new mistakes.

You call and text your ex

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If your partner has left you, avoid calls and messages. You both need to get used to the idea that you are not together now, and unnecessary reminders about yourself can cause irritation and even aggression towards you. According to dating tips from women at, communication itself should be reduced to a minimum. Forget about the topics of work, personal life, and so on – this doesn’t matter now.

You punish yourself

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Many people become addicted to self-flagellation. It seems to them that if partners leave them, then something is wrong with them because people break up with only those who are “wrong;” people don’t leave normal ones. This, of course, is an illusion. And to make a diagnosis of “I’m wrong,” we need more serious evidence than the simple “my soulmate broke up with me.” A breakup is not proof. This is just a fact that can be interpreted as you like.

You look for someone else

It seems to many (especially men) that it is necessary to immediately find a new girlfriend – and the faster the better. And then they look for one more girl, one more, one more and another, and more, and more. This is an attempt to fight fire with fire – a way to prove their attractiveness and an attempt to distract. Alas, all this works poorly. The fact is that attachment doesn’t pass immediately. The invisible strings of emotions that connect you with a partner don’t break very quickly. And the other person doesn’t help tear them at all; on the contrary, when it turns out that the “replacement” doesn’t alleviate the pain, the situation is aggravated – it seems that nothing will help.

You blame the partner for this decision

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“It wasn’t just me who decided to end our relationship – it was you who made me do so…” And then comes the description of how life with an ex was bad. If you decide to leave, then don’t shift the responsibility for your action to the partner because you can become the very person who lowers a partner’s self-esteem, thereby ruining the whole life. Most likely, you yourself are far from ideal.

You scold your ex

“My partner was always so bad. I just tolerated everything!” You are ready to scold the ex-partner in every way in front of everyone who is nearby. Have you been always right? If you lived with this person for some time together, then it was good. So, why forget about it? You need a splash of emotions, so beat the dishes, throw away everything that reminds of your relationship, and then thank for the years you have lived and praise for leaving – if the person was an unsuitable candidate for you, you did the right thing. Now you can live happily.

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