6 Mistakes to Avoid When Building a Magento Website for Small Business In 2024

If you’re into e-commerce you’ve probably encountered Magneto. It is an ideal platform for building your website. Many e-commerce businesses started thriving once they switched to this unique platform. It comes from Adobe which is a little testament to its quality and reliability.

Considering that you’re reading this article you are getting ready to build a Magento website of your own. That’s great! You have our support and we want you to do things the right way. But, how to do this?

Well, take our helping hand for example. This article provides it. Below we are going to be discussing the six mistakes to avoid when building a Magento website for small businesses. In this branch of operation, a great part of your success will depend on how good your website looks and works. This is why it is important to have it done properly. This is a DIY task that you can conquer but you’ll need to be aware of the mistakes we’re about to present to you. Once you become aware of them, walking a straight line shouldn’t be an issue.

Of course, what’s important to remember is that once your website is up and running, it doesn’t signal that all the work is done. With it, you’ll only cover the basics. But this platform offers so much more. So, once you have the initial platform set up the way you want, the time will be ideal to consider some Magento upgrade services that could aid your e-commerce business even more. Before you reach that point in your work, you’re better off focusing on the mistakes we’re going to list below. Now that the introduction is over, we can start focusing on the initial steps of building magneto websites and the mistakes that follow them.

1. Missing Contact Info


First thing first. You’ll want your customers to interact with your business. In most cases, this part is handled by AI chatbots. But, as you know this technology is not as sophisticated as some would like, yet. It needs improvements and human assistance is still vital for e-commerce.

So, when a customer reaches a roadblock that Ai can’t overcome, someone will need to step up. But, this will not be possible without proper contact information in the right places. While relying on technology is great, you want to make yourself accessible.

If you do this, you’ll add that needed piece of credibility to your entire operation. A lack of contact info can only signal that your work is not entirely up to standards and that it, in fact, lacks credibility.

2. Foggy Website Navigation

If you want to become a good navigator you need to learn how to sail through fog, rain, wind, and dark. But, your average customer is no Christopher Columbus and they haven’t come to your website to encounter fog and a lack of clear directions.

When building a Magento website you need to ensure that it is easy to navigate. If it gets complicated in this department you are in for a lot of trouble. No matter what product or service you’re selling if a customer can’t get their hands on it fast enough, they will most likely leave.

So, one of the principal mistakes that website creators make is that they make navigation a tad bit complicated. Avoid making this mistake. Make your website waters easy to navigate even for the freshest of sailors.

3. Router Issues


In some instances, the admin router is not required to complete named functions because the modules don’t require it. When this is the case there’s only one thing you can do and that is to shut down the router. Remove it completely. When these two things are not working in order things can get messy.

Complications are the last thing you want on your e-commerce website. There are many instances when a router makes modules work impossible. When this happens your customers might even have issues finding your home page and we’re not even going to mention the HTTP and HTTP5 redirections.

This mistake is best avoided by having your admin and routers carry the same or similar names.

4. Use Modern Tools

Technology is advancing with every minute we spend on this planet. We live in a tech environment and it is great. But, technology is advancing so fast that some tools get outdated fast too. Even developers can’t always keep track of everything new.

This is why you need to be careful when you select which tools you’re using during the process of building your website. Always look to use up-to-date tech. With outdated tools, you’re risking making a website that will not be up to standards from the get-go.

5. Irregular Backups


When building a website you can’t expect everything to be perfect. You’re allowed to make mistakes and correct them on the way. But, in some cases, the mistakes can be fatal, and in the world of e-commerce, they can cost you money. You’ll want to avoid this. The department where you need to be extra careful is the backup. You want your backups saved regularly and on time.

We live in a tech-savvy society but there are people taking advantage of it. Hackers and cybercriminals will look to exploit various e-commerce businesses. This is why it is important to create your Magento website by using all the latest security standards. One of the first things you need to do is to set up a backup for all of your work and to back up your data on a regular basis.

6. Incomplete Product Page

In the world of e-commerce, your product page is your Holy Grail. You need to have it launched under all imaginable standards. Having your product page up and running while being incomplete is bad for the business. Your income relies on the visit, products seen, and products bought.

If your customers don’t have access to everything you’re offering, you’re in for some rough financial times. Never launch an incomplete product page. This part of your website needs to be finished, nicely done, and up to the standards of both website building and e-commerce.

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