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7 Mistakes You Should Avoid When Building Your Website

A good website is a must for every successful business. No matter what kind of business you run, your website is like your ID. It tells a lot about you and your company and also provides vital information to all viewers.

That is why you should give your best to make it good and professional. People usually make some common mistakes in the process of building their website. But the good news is that these mistakes can be easily overcome. That is why today we talk about those mistakes you should try to avoid in this area.

Website is slow

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There is nothing worse for a user than a slow web page. Trust us, no one is so interested in your content that waiting 30 seconds will be an option for them. Newest research has shown that the average user waits approximately two seconds for a web page to open until they give up. That means that if your website takes five seconds to load, that is already too long.

You should put in maximum effort to make your website responsive and fast. Your users will appreciate it, and you’ll have many more people to visit your web page.

Website is not mobile-friendly

Essential information to keep in mind is that half of your website visits are on the mobile phone. And this is something you shouldn’t overlook. If your website is not mobile-friendly, that is a huge disadvantage. Do not expect that people will leave their cellphones and grab their laptops just to check out your website information.

We live in an instant world, so it is vital to deliver information to users in the fastest and most convenient way possible. Always make sure your website is nicely organized on mobile devices if you want to have more traffic. Because if you want to expand your business, traffic is crucial.

The website doesn’t have a visible headline

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A header is one of the most essential parts of any website. You may not see it that way, but the headline is where everything starts. When people land on your website, they need to get a picture of your web page and know where to start from. If your website doesn’t contain a visible headline, people will likely get confused.

Make sure you write a good, big headline and briefly explain to people what your business is about. A headline well written will attract people to stay on your web page and continue reading. If they stick around, there are great chances they will eventually buy something from you.

Your contact information is not highlighted

One thing you should keep in mind is that you need to make sure people can reach you easily. If they have any questions and doubts about your product and services that will feel the need to send you a message and ask you directly about it. If you don’t have your contact information highlighted on your website, your potential customers will feel discouraged and leave quickly.

To prevent this, always keep your e-mail address and your phone number available on your website. Be there for your website users if you want them to become customers one day.

The website looks amateurish

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If you’re just starting your website and want it to keep your business going, one of the crucial things is that you design it well. If you’re not a web-designer, we recommend staying away from this part of the job and leave it to someone who is more experienced. Yes, there are tons of free content out there and you can design the website on your own, but the main question is is it going to work.

You want your website to make as many conversions as possible, and that is not realistic if you haven’t designed it accordingly. The website should be easy to use and make people interested in your content and your services. And that can be done by a professional.

Check out for more information.

You don’t invest time in writing a blog

A blog is an essential part of every website. It can set you apart from the competition and make people feel closer to you. It is the section where you make your website more personalized and also provide much useful information to your readers. Many people overlook writing a blog, which eventually cost them a lot.

A blog can be a great way to make more conversions. Invest some time in writing interesting blog posts that will keep your readers coming back. And people that come to your blog enough time will finally feel the need to buy something from you.

Website design

What can help you avoid making website mistakes is reviewing some of the best website designs out there. Doing so can help highlight where you are going wrong with your current website design or plan out your new website design project. It is recommend taking a look at this infographic from Utopia’s Website Design Agency, highlighting 32 of the Best Website Designs to Inspire You in 2024. Reviewing the best website out there will give you ideas on design features to include in your website design and aesthetics that you could incorporate within your website.

Yes, you will want your website to be unique, but you can achieve this without “reinventing the wheel”. So that is why it’s worth looking at some of the best websites out there to see if you can use some pre-existing ideas and design aspects to incorporate in your project. Doing so may also highlight specific elements you believe aren’t great for user experience. Remember the essential aspect you need to consider when creating your website design ensures the user experience is flawless. How can you expect to keep users on your website and potentially purchase products or services from your business with bad user experience?

The photos on your website are low-quality

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In these modern times, low-quality photos are not easily forgiven. People like to see good images and often feel repulsed by poor quality ones. If you have bad, uninteresting images on your web page, people will likely leave the website before you know it. Make sure the photos on your website look great and combine well with your articles.

Good images can people more engaged, and tickle their imagination so that they want to explore your website further. Never underestimate the power of a good picture because it is a vital part of every online business marketing.


No matter what kind of business you have, you need a good website. It represents your business’s ID and it needs to look good and serves its purpose. It can also be a great way for your future clients to get informed and get to know a little bit more about your products and services. People usually make some common mistakes while building their websites.

Following our recommendations, you will surely avoid making some crucial mistakes and achieve your business improvement. Keep in your mind that investing money, time, and energy will pay you off many times over. A good website is always a way to go!

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