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Why Are Men Attracted to Lingerie?

There are certain things that men and women find attractive when it comes to the opposite sex. We can name a wide array of different things that are either physical and mental. As you are perfectly aware, different people like different things, and this is not the rule that applies only to this case.

When it comes to women’s clothes, without a doubt, we can say that men are probably the most attracted to a stylish red dress. This is something that no girl will make a mistake if chooses it. However, if we are to talk about somewhat more intimate clothes, it would be lingerie.

There is a wide array of different reasons why men actually like it. We think that the most obvious one is, well, obvious. Maybe you will be surprised to learn that there are actually quite a few things that lingerie does to make men like it. Therefore, we’ve decided to discuss that a little bit.

We’ve taken a look at a couple of different online researches and we came up with some results. They are pretty obvious when you are looking at it from this perspective, but the research was needed in order for it to be valid. Without prolonging the results any further, we are going to start now.

What is the Point of Lingerie?

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The first thing we would like to address is the function of lingerie. Without a doubt, its main task is to highlight all the sensual parts of the girl’s body. To be completely honest, lingerie shows much more than it hides. This is the main reason why this is so popular among men. It produces a couple of different effects like excitement, and a little bit of mystery, without a doubt.

We can call it teasing. If you are interested in taking a look at some of the most interesting lingerie you can find, check But, as we’ve said, the ultimate task it to provide the necessary attention to certain areas of the female body.

What are its Effects?

The main effect of the lingerie, besides the ones we’ve mentioned above, is to provide the essential dose of erotic that will produce excitement for both partners. According to the researches we’ve been able to take a look at, lingerie increases women’s sense of beauty, attractiveness, and, we would say most importantly, confidence.

With them being even more sure of themselves, the effects on males get much higher. We would say that confidence is the ultimate strain that attracts most of men, so lingerie is the ultimate trigger for men.


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Besides the research and commentaries, we’ve been able to come across, we also found some results that weren’t our goal. However, we believe that this is something that would be of interest to many of our readers.
One of the biggest elements that attract males when it comes to lingerie is that the girl in front of them is not completely without clothes. So, it adds mystery and a little bit of teasing. In other cases, where a woman is without clothes, there is no mystery, so many males prefer lingerie, at least in the beginning.

The Types of Lingerie

There are a couple of types that can be called the most common ones when it comes to lingerie. The first one we would like to talk about is a corset. Even though it covers most of the body out of all of the other types, that doesn’t mean men don’t find it attractive.

Instead of heavily focusing itself on the most sensitive areas, the focus is on chests. The next one we would like to mention is teddies. These make the focus on the neckline and panty slits. Last but not least, we would like to mention babydolls. These are used to attract attention to the bust. Also, you can find a nice collection of sheer lingerie if you click here. There are different models, colors and price tags – a little bit for everyone.

Specific Opinions

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Now, we would like to mention some of the men’s opinions we were able to come up with during our research.

Lingerie is Exciting

Men absolutely think that lingerie is exciting due to all the elements that we’ve named above. However, some of them said that they consider a bonus if the cloth is of the appropriate color. Most of them said that red is the perfect color. We can draw a parallel between these and a red dress we’ve mentioned before.

It’s Definitely a Bonus

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Many men consider lingerie a perfect addition to the whole situation. They don’t consider it essential, which will be addressed later, but they certainly don’t mind it. In fact, a high percentage of the answers we’ve been able to find a state that they would like to see lingerie as a part of a surprise coming from their partners. Since we’ve talked about a mystery element, we don’t find it surprising.

It’s Not Necessary

As we’ve mentioned, a significant percentage of men stated that lingerie is not a necessary element. You ask why is that? Well, according to them, the most important thing is a woman’s confidence, which we addressed as the most important element earlier.

So, these comments said that they wouldn’t mind skipping this part if their partner is not comfortable or confident enough while wearing these. So, the decision of wearing lingerie is completely on their partners. We can say that this is the proper way of thinking since not all feel the same in all of the situations and clothes.

The Bottom Line

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Without a doubt, lingerie is one of the most effective pieces of clothes when it comes to attracting men, just behind the red dress. At the same time, we can see that most women are interested in surprising their partners with one of these from time to time. Thankfully, there is a plethora of combinations a woman can make in order to surprise her partner.
We can see that a lot of girls were interested to know the specifics about men and their attraction to lingerie. Here, we’ve provided a full insight when it comes to the men’s attraction to it. We are pretty sure that men will be thankful for all the tips we’ve given to their partners, without a doubt.

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