Maximizing Your HR Degree ─ 6 Tips for Gaining Practical Experience and Building a Network

To get the most out of your HR degree, you’ll also have to work on building your network, gaining professional experience, and surely, developing your skills all the time. The result is an advantage when applying for a new job, or landing a job in top companies around. But how to do that?

Maximizing your HR degree also requires gaining practical skills as you learn, but also working on your soft skills and personal growth. Sometimes it means staying informed on what’s new in the industry, and sometimes you’ll have to take additional education to do so. So, let’s see what it takes to be the best HR professional:

1. Combine Internships and Volunteer Work

No one has become an expert in HR overnight. Sometimes it requires volunteer work with HR departments at profit companies or non-profit organizations. That way, you strengthen your knowledge, preparing for paid internships. Follow the job postings on employment platforms, since internships often end up with part-time or full-time hires.

2. Accept Part-Time Job Offers

Maybe part-time employment is not the ideal scenario, but it surely can kickstart your career in HR. You can even try outsourcing HR agencies, to see how the tasks are handled. It gives you more opportunities to grow and choose how you want your career to go.


3. Build a LinkedIn Network

LinkedIn is practically a free tool to integrate with your HR software. Filter out the professionals you find relevant to be in your network. Follow their posts and use their knowledge to become a better HR expert. Join discussions, apply for jobs, and enhance your expertise and visibility. It doesn’t seem like a lot, but it surely works.

4. Develop Your Professional Skills

Attend courses and boot camps, and obtain HR certifications. Add these credentials to your resume, showcasing your commitment to the profession. Sign up for workshops, seminars, and webinars. Read HR journals and industry blogs, to stay up to date with the most recent trends in the field.

5. Work on Your Soft Skills

HR experts are known to be wise, and knowledgeable, but also problem-solving-oriented, well-organized, and transparent. Make communication your strongest skill. Know how to talk to the potential hires and your coworkers, to establish authority and transparency. Be empathetic, but also decision-oriented, keeping in mind that you’re doing your best to protect employees and the company’s integrity.


6. Embrace the Tech Development

Get to know HR software and tools better. Find online courses, or connect with industry experts so you can learn them better. Don’t let the tech growth leave you behind the trends. Embracing the new tools is the best way to stay ahead and become one of the top professionals in the HR field.


Focus on the practical tips and areas we shared in this article. This way, you can maximize the value of your HR degree and knowledge. As a result, the chances for a successful career as an HR expert, recruiter, or generalist, are getting higher and bigger. Don’t waste time – embrace the industry trends and be the best version of yourself.

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