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2024 Guide – How to Make your Refrigerator Last Long

Spring has arrived, and with it, the days are getting hotter and hotter. At that time, you can’t even imagine running out of the refrigerator, as it has become an indispensable piece of equipment in everyday life. That’s why we have prepared some important tips to keep it working perfectly when you need it most.

But first, it is important to emphasize that it is in the freezer part that the “cold is generated” and later it circulates through the refrigerator part. In many cases, there is a fan to promote this distribution of cold air.

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Now follow the below basic and essential care tips to keep your refrigerator working properly.

1. Put it in a suitable place

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To keep it in a good position, it cannot be placed anywhere. It is advisable to place it away from heat sources, such as the oven or the vitro. Also, it would be ideal for removing it from areas where there is water, such as the sink or washing machine, since it works with electricity all day.

It is also important to protect it from the sun. The external heat can heat the equipment, forcing its engine to work harder to maintain the internal temperature. This increases energy expenditure and shortens the life of the refrigerator.

Therefore, the best option is to place the refrigerator in the corner of the kitchen, away from these elements, where it does not take up much space. Once located, the most important thing is that there is a space of about 10 centimeters between the back of the refrigerator and the wall. In this way, the device can breathe. So, find space in your kitchen which is away from heat and water.

2. Place food strategically

For the cold of the refrigerator to be distributed equally among all foods, these must have a separation of about three centimeters between them and with the wall. Also, the air outlets of the mustn’t be obstructed, as serious problems that can occur in the technical components of the refrigerator. Therefore, avoid collapsing food. To find the best refrigerator, you may visit reviewcircles.

3. Clean the coil

The coil is located at the rear of the refrigerator covered by a wire rack. It is a tube that twists and serves to facilitate the cooling of the motor.

This tube is often filled with dust and dirt, so it is essential to clean it regularly. Simply pass a duster or a vacuum cleaner with the refrigerator unplugged.

4. Defrost when necessary

Fridges that are not non-frost should be defrosted when they have an ice layer between 0.5 and 2 cm thick. The permanence of ice inside the refrigerator causes serious problems of food preservation and a significant increase in energy expenditure.

5. Pay attention to the door seals

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The refrigerator doors have rubber seals to prevent cold air from escaping from inside or the warmer air in the room from entering. It is important always to check the conservation status of the rubbers, as their dryness or even the accumulation of dirt can damage the seal.

6. Avoid opening the refrigerator door frequently

Every time you open the refrigerator, some of the cold air disperses, and the ambient air, with a higher temperature, enters the refrigerator. If the door is open for a long time or if it is opened several times, the internal temperature ends uprising, making the appliance need to work harder and spend more energy to keep it cool.

7. Check food placement and temperature

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Food should be positioned so that it does not obstruct the outlets through which the cooled air from the freezer circulates. When air does not circulate properly, the efficiency of the refrigerator can be compromised; increasing energy consumption and food conservation can be impaired.

Also, you should not place hot food inside the refrigerator, as this also requires more engine work. Always wait for the food to cool.

8. Do not use the refrigerator as a dryer

It should never be used to dry clothes or shoes on the back. This rear grille is the condenser which heats up when the compressor is activated to produce cold in the freezer. Because of that it is responsible for exchanging heat with the environment and cannot be obstructed.

The condenser must be kept clean, as excess dust and grease can prevent heat exchange. And some distance must be maintained between it and the wall so that the air circulates and favors the exchange of heat.

9. Keep the thermostat set correctly

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The thermostat should be adjusted according to the time of the year. As in the winter, you do not need to leave it in the maximum cold, you can adjust it to an intermediate level since the ambient temperature is lower and in general, we open the fridge less often.

10. Clean the inside and outside of the refrigerator

Cleaning the refrigerator is essential to maintain proper operation and avoid long-term damage.  Every two or three months it is recommended to make deep cleaning of this device. Baking soda and the mixture of vinegar and ammonia are two home remedies that will leave the refrigerator unpolluted.

Another essential tip for maintaining the proper functioning and increasing the life of your refrigerator is always to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and consult the equipment manual and you need to have your equipment repaired with all the speed and convenience you need. For the best repair service, you can check

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