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How to Make Your Own Show Plate in 6 Easy Steps

It is almost impossible to imagine our life without cars or bikes. They are all around us and represent something necessary and something we must use on a daily basis. Besides that, many people are big fans of this industry, and cars and bikes are their hobbies. That means that those are not only means of driving but also a matter of prestige and entertainment. Some people keep their vehicles in the garage as an exhibit, some use them only for shows or off-road driving, so ordinary license plates are boring.

But you can change that pretty easily with show plates – custom made and unique plates for shows and exhibits, and if you need them, then check, a place where you can find everything you might need and also make your dream come true. For those who are still not sure what the show plates are and how to make them, this text may be helpful.

Show plates

The first question to answer is what the show plates are? Well, it is not that hard, since the name says it all. One can use them for the car shows to create a recognizable appearance and win some prizes while at it. Everything is up to you since you are the one who is creating them, so consider it as the trademark. It is possible to choose an inscription as desired without limitations, such as the number of letters or no punctuation marks. And this is not all, as it is also possible to pick the font, pattern, color, and much much more.

They are a perfect gift for someone since you can write whatever you want, just be creative. The material used to make them is the same as for the regular plates, so they have a long lifespan. One can put them outside on the parking lot or as a sign since the weather doesn’t affect them. The other situation to use them is various photo shootings when it is not a good idea to show the real plates to the whole Internet community. Their use is exceptional even though they cannot be used for driving, so more and more people are deciding to buy them.

Are they legal?

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These are not the license plates that someone can use on the roads legally, but we can use them to make the vehicle more fun while in the garage or at a show. Show plates are interesting and fun, but using them on the road is not legal. That is because police officers can’t find the information they need when they see them, so number plates are the only ones that should be used while driving. It is possible to customize them too, but the price for that is not that low. Because of that, maybe the best solution is to have regular plates for driving and one for the show or display in the garage. That way, you will avoid paying unnecessary fines and still have the show plate you want.
How to make them

The writing

To start creating the show plate, the first thing to do is enter the desired name, number, or sign that you want. Here we usually encounter a problem because we have so much that we would like to say, and we need to do all that in just a couple of words so that it does not take up too much space and therefore avoid small letters. For those who do not have this problem, the next step is much simpler.

Choosing type and quantity

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This is where you decide whether you want them for a car or motorcycle, followed by a question about whether you want both front and rear or only one of those plates. Now, when we are done with that (boring stuff), we can start with the design.

Designing the plates

In most cases, the inscription can be done in 4D, 3D, or standard printing, and there is always the option to choose larger plates for those who couldn’t sum up their preferences in few letters. Also, it is up to you whether the plate should have borders or not. All this can be pretty effective and make an even bigger impression while on display since choosing the color of those borders is also available.

The badge – to add it or not?

After we have all this, now it is time to pick the best badge for our vehicle (optional). This badge, as almost any other you might come across or already seen on regular number plates, is always on the left side. Will that badge be a flag or something similar to that is up to you, but it will sure make it look more attractive if you decide to go with one of the options.

Making the most of them – creating a slogan

When it comes to slogans, there are many options, and it all depends on your creativity and what is the desired goal. One of the solutions is to combine the slogan with what will be on the plates and have fun with those words. The other option is completely opposite, and someone can choose to add a slogan that has nothing to do with what it says on the plates, add something personal to you, or even something that represents your company – a way of advertising. The good thing about adding slogans is that one can choose the preferred font that will match perfectly with the design of the plates.


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The 6th and final thing to do is clicking the option order, checking out if every detail is perfect, and proceed to checkout. It is as simple as that, and the only “bad” thing is that you will have to be patient for another few days until they arrive.

Summing up

Show plates have never been more popular, and now we all know why. They are not only cheaper, but one can also choose almost any writing they want, and when it is so simple to get your own, there is no reason not to. In just 6 simple steps, a couple of minutes, and a good idea in mind, the choice should be simple.

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