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How to Make your Event Extra Special?

If you are planning an event, you surely want it to be remembered by all attendees. It does not matter if it is a party, a concert, conference or a great expo, it is important that the organization does everything in its power to make the event a complete experience that exceeds the expectations of those who attend.

That is why more and more trends and elements emerge that can be added to events that do not necessarily require too much budget, but rather the correct management and of course of ideas. Many ideas!

One of the first things you should know is that although money is a very important part of the organization because it gives us a lot of freedom or making things harder, it is not everything.

Now, it must also be said that on many occasions (more than it should), events are organized with impressive budgets, and these end up being “more of the same”. There is nothing particularly exciting or different about them that makes them stand out and the most important thing is that it can be small details that make the difference.

If you are organizing an event and you want it to be full of special touches that make it worth remembering among all the people who attend, you have come to the right place. Below we will give you some ideas that you can put into practice according to the type of event you have in mind and also according to your budget.


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It doesn’t matter if it’s a birthday party or a special event on any date. Before starting the organization of this event, you should think about who it is for and how to surprise your guests. For this we recommend you look for a common theme that allows you to organize from dress code to the smallest details so that the whole atmosphere responds to the theme of it.

-Black & White or Red Party: if you are looking for something simple, original, and inexpensive, throw a single theme event. You can select a color and have your guests wear a garment in the color that will give your party a name.

-Hawaiian or Ibiza: if you are thinking of organizing a summer event, it is the best option. The Ibiza parties, with a dress code all in white, or the Hawaiian ones, where the flowers cannot be missing, are sensational ideas to celebrate in times of heat.

-Vintage party: select one of the times that you like the most, from the Romans to the 80s, going through hippie parties or Charleston night. Any idea is good to have fun at an original party.


Set a budget in advance and be guided by that. Do not spend more or less. Something that is very beneficial for your pocket is to buy the essential things first and then those you want for pleasure. Check what you can do yourself and save money. You will see that there are infinite things you can do on your own and that you may even have enough money, though it didn’t seem like it at first.

Ideas for an original invitation

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If you want to organize an original one, you must do it from the beginning. For this reason, you will have to dedicate some time to your invitations, one of the moments when you can display all your creativity to generate expectations for the attendees. Your budget does not need to be very high, thanks to the fact that nowadays you can send your invitation from your own email at cost 0, but that does not mean that the message must be boring.

Use countdown clocks, a promotional video, or a montage of images that attract the attention of your guests and not only indicate the date, time, and place, but the theme you have selected and the dress code that they must to comply.


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When we talk about choosing guests well, we mean that you do not invite everyone you ever met. Surely your party has a goal and it is better to guide you based on that goal. Ask yourself: Who would be important for me and other guests? Is it necessary to invite people that I haven’t seen in a long time? There are many people I know but really, would it be good to invite them that day?

Hire a good DJ

Even if you have entire collections of your favorite music, a DJ will pay attention to the nature and personality of your guests and will create a playlist of songs with options for all tastes, livening up the evening and creating moments of different intensity or mood to throughout the celebration.

Rent party bus

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This is one of the best moves you can make to start the event great. Rent a party bus and bring all the guests. And by the time you go from house to house, you will already have a great atmosphere that will only transfer to the venue. Enjoy food, drinks, and music along the way. There are many party bus rental companies, like, and you can see how that looks on their site.

Have fun with a karaoke moment

Another infallible element of any unforgettable event is karaoke. To make it even more fun, weeks before the party you can send your guests a list of songs so they can choose which one to sing during the event. If you want to go even further, hire a live music band!


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Although it is true that sometimes we have a good time just talking with friends, it is good that you think of several games that you can play that day, especially if your meeting is with your coworkers. This will make people feel more confident and to unite the group more.

Indoor or outdoor

Depending on the date you want to hold your event, it is important that you consider the place where you are going to organize it. For example, if it is in October, we recommend that you consider a living room or a pergola since there are still possibilities of rain. Just like if you do it outdoors in the month of December, you should bear in mind that it may be very cold for those dates, so it is important that you request an outdoor heater for the comfort of all your guests.


Be creative! With a few materials, you can give your event the best vibe. Phrases with paper letters, balloons, garlands, party favors … check what is used on the Internet and put your creative part to work.

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