How to Make Your House More Pet Friendly

It is every fur parent’s dream to provide their fur babies with a safe and comfortable home where they can play and spend their happiest time together. Traditional homes are not automatically designed for pets, and there is a chance that your fur babies encounter difficulties and hazards inside your home. A safe and comfortable home contributes to the health of your fur babies, and for pet enthusiasts, it is a top priority.

Suppose your house is designed traditionally, no need to worry because there are ways to improve your home and make it a pet-friendly space. And the best way to create a pet-friendly home is to improve some part of your living safely and make it plain to avoid hazards and damages. You can also install necessary home upgrades to make your home safe and secure for your babies and fur babies.

No experience in home improvements? No worries, a carpenter got your back. You can hire a carpenter to do most of the home upgrades that will make your home perfect for your pets. Find out how much a carpenter costs by visiting You can get free carpenter quotes to get the best carpentry service near your area and get started with improving your home to be a sanctuary for your pets. Here are some of the ways to make your home a pet-friendly space.

Invest In Pet-Friendly pieces of Furniture


A carpenter is an expert in woodworks and can help you build pieces of furniture for your home.

The furniture should be made out of strong wood material and coupled with a strain and scratch-resistant fabric. You should have robustly upholstered or slipcovered pieces of furniture.

Your pets will play in your pieces of furniture, and there is a chance that they might stain the surface of the fabric. It is important to have a material that is resistant to scratch, stain, and odour.

You also need to avoid using light colours for your furniture. If you wash the stain and it does not fade, it might cause a dirty look to the fabric that you use to cover your pieces of furniture.

Invest In Hanging Cabinets


A carpenter is also a great cabinet maker. A cabinet is one of the essential woodworks inside your household. It is the storage of all personal stuff and other crucial items in your home. Investing in hanging cabinets can be a big step in ensuring that your home is a safe place for your fur babies. It can keep away things that might be harmful if they reach.

You can store medicine, oils, and other chemicals that can be harmful to your pets. Sometimes puppies just love to scratch and bite any piece of cloth or paper that you leave unattended and reachable for them. That is why it is important to keep all of these things in a hanging cabinet, away from their attention and reach.

Suppose you have very limited space at home, you can request a customized cabinet from a carpenter. The carpenter can measure the available space where you want to put the cabinet and appropriate the dimensions without sacrificing the durability and functionality of your cabinet.

This way, even with minimal living space, you can customize your storage to ensure that your fur babies will not bite, play, or eat harmful chemicals and your important personal stuff.

Carpeted Flooring


Carpets are very comfortable and relaxing when you are walking through your home. But it is not desirable if you have pets. Their fur can stick to the carpet, which will make it difficult to clean thoroughly. You cannot also get rid of your pets peeing and pooping on your carpet, which is messy.

It will take a lot of time and hard work to get off the stain and stink off from the piece of fabric. And do not forget that pets love to bite and scratch and might play with your carpet and eventually tear it.

It is better to have a smooth tile flooring that is also comfortable to walk on for you and your fur babies, and it is easier to clean and maintain.

Create Fencing For Their Play Zone


If you cannot get rid of damages inside your home because of your pets, you can ask a carpenter to install fencing in any open space in your landscape to be the play zone of your babies. The best fencing to use for a play area is wood fencing, and carpenters are woodworks experts, so you can rely upon a carpenter to build strong and safe fencing for your pets.

By doing so, you can allow them to stay in your living space and get rid of damages because of their playfulness. It is also easier for you to look over them in a fence. It will not cause too much anxiety if you have to leave them aside because you know that they are happily playing and running around their play zone while you are out.

Secure Garbage Cans With Lid

When you are not around, your pet might play all around your home, and it is possible for them to get near the garbage. There are small pieces of trash in the garbage that can be harmful when eaten or swallowed by your pets. It is also very dirty and can cause bacteria to build up in their mouth and skin.

It is crucial to secure garbage cans with a lid, so no matter how playful your pets can be, they will not play with the garbage. You can keep them safe from germs and other harmful elements.

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