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5 Tips To Help Maintain Your Timber Windows

When looking at the windows of townhouses built during the last centuries in major cities of America, it is possible to see that many houses have been rebuilt. This demonstrates a change in the culture of the city. There are some disadvantages to such buildings: the lack of energy efficiency and the noise from the street does not provide the necessary level of comfort for living. With the growth and development of cities, the level of noise becomes much higher, so historical buildings become less and less suitable for living. It is possible to enhance houses by preserving the original appearance of facades and the interior.

Questions with energy efficiency combat with the historic guidelines that strive to save the chic of historical dwellings. We are going to discuss some problem areas for historic houses.

Soundproofing Your Windows

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The construction of old houses did not take into account the noise level, which worries residents today. Now it can reach 95 dB, which was not the case when these historical buildings were designed.

Townhouse owners strive to preserve the unique appearance of buildings, combining it with their needs. First of all, they pay attention to the windows. In modern buildings, it is possible to replace the glass unit at any time and do not have to worry about its appearance. Historical houses require a preliminary preparation for such a step, so it is much easier to perform a sash windows repair and improve the characteristics of the house.

To reduce street noise there are sound insulating inserts. They allow you to remove up to 70% of unnecessary sounds without changing the design and appearance of the glass unit. They are not visible from the outside, and from the inside, it is really difficult to notice the differences from the original windows.

Decorative mats or tapestries can be used to provide a sound-absorbing effect. Historical buildings are quite high, so the street noise leads to echoes. As a result, any rustles can be heard even more strongly inside the house. The mats will add some aesthetics to the townhouse and reduce the level of unnecessary sounds.

Keep your home safe

Buildings-related to historical sites is interesting to people. To increase the level of privacy of personal life, it is worth thinking about refurbishing sash windows. You can add special inserts or use additional elements for security. Many window constructions seem to be modern, but they were first used quite a long time ago. Among them, it is worth mentioning:

  • shutters installed inside the room (created in the 1600s);
  • double shutters (in the 1830s);
  • ordinary blinds (in the 1760s);
  • roller blinds (the 1810s).

The popularity of shutters and roller blinds increased until 1880, after which there was a slight decline. The owners began to add special inserts, which allowed them to hide what was happening in the house from prying eyes, without preventing the passage of light. Such manipulations should be checked on a small area of windows to be sure of the safety of the original glass unit.

Bring History to Modern Materials

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Each house requires modern devices and appliances that provide an increased level of comfort. But each of the selected products must match the historical atmosphere. Therefore, it is necessary to choose with care the methods to improve your own housing.

There may be a need to demolish a wall or make a hole. Cement plaster should be used to replace pilasters and entablatures. Most parts of the original decoration elements were covered over time with large layers of plaster and paint. To refresh these elements, you should not forget to document your actions. This will help, if necessary, restore the original layout created many years ago.

Use recycled materials that will be added to modern appliances needed for a fully functioning home. Use architectural artifacts to help to maintain the balance and to add integrity to the perception of new and old elements.
To combine modern products with antiquity, you can apply a patina, which will create an aging effect. When expanding a room and adding a wooden floor, it is possible to use potassium dichromate, which will give an original look to the surface. Do not forget about safety measures, wear protective clothing and gloves, so that the material does not harm the skin. When doing a wooden window repair, it is also possible to apply patina, so the windows will look old, but still performing the new functions.

Improve energy efficiency in traditional buildings

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It is possible to find a shaft in some historic buildings, which allows going down to the bottom of the house. There are:

  • water supply system;
  • electrical wiring;
  • ancillary and other premises.

If there is such a shaft, the energy efficiency can be increased by installing new cooling and heating systems into utility rooms. Qualified architects will provide all modern technologies without changing the historical appearance of the building.

You can pay attention to the air conditioning system, which has a compact size and provides a rapid passage of oxygen throughout the house. It is almost invisible and you can forget about draughts and other problems. The temperature will be stable, which will give the opportunity to save energy consumption and not overpay for heating and other utilities.

Insulating inserts can be installed on timber windows in order to maintain the air temperature. They preserve the correct room temperature without releasing heated air masses or letting cold air in from outside. If you are near large windows and the cool air constantly blows on you, it is time to restore the glass unit. The installation of new windows will lead to big problems and the need for coordination with the relevant committees. Therefore, it is enough to add special inserts that will provide a natural view of historical windows and will perform their functions as efficiently as possible. All you need to do is to contact a company like at the link below and seek out professional help.

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