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10 Effective Ways to Maintain a Glowing Skin

A natural glow is a huge indicator of healthy skin. But factors such as demanding lifestyles, hectic work schedules, lack of proper diet, ozone, poor sleep, heavy smoking, unhealthy sun rays (UVA / UVB), and consuming alcohol can make the skin dry and dull.

But this is part and parcel of your life and you can’t get away from it. However, you can avoid them, taking the shine and radiance from your skin. If there’s ‘glowing skin’ on your wish list, make a cuppa, sit down and read on.

1. Invest in Skincare with Vitamin C

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Research indicates that foods high in vitamin C not only clean up the radicals that cause wrinkles and decay but can also help eliminate the DNA damage they create.
Even when reaping the skin-protecting and wound-healing advantages of taking more vitamin C, try to smooth out some of them on your face too. In one research, women who spent six months treating sun-damaged skin using a vitamin C cream saw significant improvements in fine lines and skin discolouration.

A great way to begin is a day cream filled with vitamin C, as you need these free-radical combatants fresh on your face as you face the smoggy environment.

2. Hydrate Your Skin from Inside Out

If you’d like to know what to do to get clear skin, this one is a non-negotiable one. Water helps to remove the toxins which cause inflammation and defects. It also helps to transport nutrients and oxygen to skin cells, and to help stop dehydration that can lead to premature ageing. Try a skin-soothing tea such as chamomile or mint to add a touch of flavour.

3. Avoid Smoke

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When your skin is exposed to cigarette smoke, you are covering yourselfe with chemical toxins of all sorts. This increases the oxidative stress in your skin cells, which results in prematurely aged skin. Consider your skin, if you smoke, as another excuse to stop smoking.

4. Cleanse Regularly

Essential to luminous skin: cleaning your “canvas” by thoroughly removing debris such as soil, dust, and particles of pollutants which can clog pores and produce dullness. Clean your face in the morning and at night by massaging gently with fingertips in circular movements with a little dollop of a decent natural cleanser, aiming for complete coverage from within the face out.

5. Eat Food Rich in Antioxidants

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What you eat will cause an effect on the glow of your face. Load up on berries, grapes, and nuts that are high in polyphenols like ellagic acid and resveratrol such as walnuts and pecans. “Preliminary researchers have linked this type of antioxidant fights free radicals to help protect the skin cells against UV damage such as hyperpigmentation.

6. Make Use of Mineral-based Sunscreen Daily

A safe, SPF that is mineral-based should be used every day, throughout the entire year. Ultraviolet radiation is unmistakably carcinogenic if you don’t worry about cancer, think about vanity — UV rays are the main source of skin ageing changes in texture and colour.”

Use a mineral sunscreen (search for active ingredients such as zinc oxide as well as titanium dioxide) that’s also SPF 30 or higher to cover your face and use it every morning as the final step in your skincare routine. Since mineral sunscreen is solid protection, it should be used as the last step before making up: any other skincare actives that you choose to use after will not penetrate. You can find them at Okana NZ.

7. Exfoliate

One of the top strategies for a radiant complexion is exfoliation. Regular light exfoliation, with either no sticky acid cleanser or toner dissolving dead skin cells on the skin surface, [will] lead to radiant skin. “How so? Eliminating the outer layer of skin cells that are dead will help soften skin texture, improve the absorption of your skincare ingredients, and brighten your complexion.

8. Always Remove Your Makeup Before Going to Bed

Do make sure you consider removing your makeup before you get to the bed. The skin has to respire overnight. And makeup minimizes it since it clogs your pores, and that may allow blemishes and/or blackheads to start appearing. Don’t have a remover for the makeup? Simply place some olive oil on something like a cotton pad and rub the oil softly onto your face to help get rid of the dirt and makeup.

9. Exercise Regularly

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Do exercise frequently. Jogging, walking or running, and yoga can give your body the requisite blood circulation, and thereby speed up your entire body’s cleansing process. After working out you’ll find a glow on your skin. Going to race against the Time? Just stroll about the block briskly.
Don’t miss skincare before and after a workout. Apply toner before heading out to help minimize oil production. After that, exfoliate and apply olive oil or shea butter to moisturize skin.

10. Get your beauty sleep.

Another essential reason to make sleep a priority: insufficient or disrupted sleep can cause problems on your skin. Research has shown that low quality of sleep can lead to increased signs of skin ageing (wrinkles and fine lines ) and impaired function of skin protection. As for water, the general rule of thumb for sleep is eight hours but still listen to the body.

11. Have Your Review

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When you continue to look after and properly manage your skin, it will start to improve. Make sure you are getting the best therapies for your changing skin by talking to your clinician and booking in your feedback regularly.
Everyone desires to have flawless skin even as we continue to mature and age. There is, however, a lack of consistency and the appropriate information to ensure that this desire is realised. Maintaining healthy skin like all good things requires dedication and a high rate of discipline.

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