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Life in the Netherlands – Why this Country is Considered to be the Land of Opportunities

Usually, smaller countries are considered to be under-developed or not so fun to live in. The Netherlands serves as an example that gives us a completely opposite picture. Although it’s a pretty small country, and you can travel from one end to another in just four hours, it has one of the best happiness scores in the world. Wonder why? Feel free to read until the end if you’re interested in learning more.

Where is The Netherlands Located?

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Geographically, this small country is located right between Germany and Belgium, and this serves as an advantage, but we’ll get to that a little bit later. The location is amazing and that’s always the first and most important thing that you should be looking forward to. If you ever need something from a larger country, such as Germany for example, you can do a very quick visit without even needing to use the plane as transportation of choice.

So, what makes life so great here?

Now, here comes the interesting part. Nobody really cares how large a country is if everything that’s going on inside it is perfect. Well, that’s the case with the Netherlands. Let’s start with the education system.

There are so many different schools, and although this country is small and you would suspect that your choices are limited, they truly aren’t. You can pick a school for almost anything that you want, and all of those institutions are operated on the highest possible quality level, meaning that you get a very well-known and accepted diploma and you can find a job very easily after that.

Many people that live outside of The Netherlands are sending their children there because the education system is just amazing. Not only that you know they’re going to take great care of educating your kid, but by growing up and studying there they will teach them how to properly and fluidly speak both Dutch and English, and we all know how important that is for a career.

There are already many reports showing us that Dutch people are speaking the best English out of all other non-native countries. The best thing about all this? This amazing education comes with really low tuition fees.

Amazing culture

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The Dutch culture is pretty interesting, and in almost every city of this country, it is kept and preserved as one of the most important things. There are tons of museums and traditional events spread out across the entire place, so you can learn a lot about the history, ceremonies and tons of other interesting cultural things. If you are a person who wants to study history, that’s even better, because you definitely have a lot to learn from this place.

The work-life balance is great

As each year goes by we constantly keep hearing complaints about how life didn’t turn out to be what someone imagined it to be. Going to work for more than half of your day and then feeling really tired and sleeping for the rest of your free-time is definitely not exciting at all. Although that’s the sad truth in many countries, the Netherlands has a completely different situation.

If you want to register your business, make sure to check out ABiLiTieS Company Registration, which will definitely help you with every step along the way. You will be able to organize your business quickly and find the necessary work-life balance. Not to mention that the average salaries are pretty amazing as well, so you won’t be missing money for anything that’s crucial for a good and balanced lifestyle. We all know how important money is nowadays, so we cannot neglect this as one of the most important factors.

Friendly and open-minded people

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The great thing about living in this small country is that you’ll never have any conflicts with others trying to judge your lifestyle or opinions. Even the government here is pretty open-minded, so you can live any kind of life that you want without being harassed by anyone. People in every city area friendly and they will be more than glad to help you with anything if you’re new and moved there just recently.

Sophisticated Health-Care Systems

Unlike in other places, the healthcare system in the Netherlands is functioning just like it should be. The cost of it is very acceptable and it won’t suddenly make you go bankrupt if you start experiencing some health issues. The great thing about it is that every citizen of this country pays the same price for healthcare, regardless of how healthy or unhealthy they are, and this is pretty fair when it comes to helping those in need. If you are sometimes in a very tough situation and completely out of money, there’s nothing to worry about because the government will pay your medical bill.

But, there must be something negative?

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Yes, a perfect place doesn’t really exist in this world, so believe it or not, even The Netherlands has a few downsides as well. One of them is over-crowded tourist locations.

Places such as Amsterdam are constantly being overflowed with tourists, and this is something that makes the locals pretty frustrated sometimes.

Now, before you start judging, hear us out. The people who live in tourist locations are more than happy to welcome new people who want to visit their hometown. However, we’re talking about massively unacceptable tourist numbers that sometimes jam the traffic and cause huge waiting lines at stores or bus-stops. For some people, this isn’t an issue, but for others it is, and if you ask us, in the end, this only shows that this country has a lot to offer, so there’s a good reason why so many people want to visit it.

Last but not least, living here can be pretty costly if you don’t have the right job, and if you are a tourist and you don’t know where to shop, you might end up spending a lot more money than what you’ve planned. Luckily, you can ask the locals about some tips and advice and they will be more than glad to help you.

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